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Toronto Custom Home Builders – Sina Sadeddin

About Us

Sina Architectural Design is a Toronto based group of architects, builders, designers and supporting staff . It was founded in 2004 by the influential and published builder and architect Sina Sadeddin. The firm has established a national reputation as a leading design firm with extensive and varied experience in both public and private commissions. The firm is recognized for creating innovative and environmentally conscious infrastructure that is individually tailored to each client and great for the community.

Sina Sadeddin received his Bachelor of Architectural Science from Ryerson University and his Interior Design certificate from the International Academy of Design and technology. The firm is also a member of Tarion. Mr. Sadeddin is well known for his inventive use of space, light and natural materials. With over two decades in the field of architecture, Sina Sadeddin applies a wide range of principles to his work in order to create sustainable and efficient infrastructure that is also tasteful and timeless.

Our Vision

We always take the necessary steps in considering every detail and element to ensure the design showcases every aspect of the final product, whether it be a luxury custom home or a 60 floor condominium with mixed-use commercial space. Each client has their own specific timeline and expectations, that is why the process of workflow is always initiated by the client and then thoroughly assessed. Once a timeline is outlined and the site plan is approved the working drawings begin. The working drawings are the site plan, plans, reflected ceiling plans, wall sections and other necessary project details. Each project is a process of constant collaborative exchange between firm and client from initial inquiry to well beyond project completion. To ensure the successful completion of every project, our president is directly involved and oversees every project through from start to finish.

We bring a diverse portfolio with LEED certified buildings and decades of experience in commercial, industrial, recreational, educational, residential and retail architecture. The bulk of our portfolio, but not limited to, is made up of luxury custom homes and condominium developments. We connect on a personal level with all of our projects from initial concept and planning through design, construction, and commissioning. We are versed in all fields of architecture, including interior design, urban planning, landscape design, product design, construction, development, financial planning, research and development.

Toronto Custom Home Builders

Our custom home builders craft beautiful homes that are meticulously designed for you down to each and every unique detail. Our team consists of architects, interior designers and planners, contractors, and development partnerships.

We handle every aspect of building your custom home. We’re a full service firm that will take care of everything, from real estate, architectural design, permitting, demolition, engineering and right down to interior design. Worrying about hiring and vetting multiple contractors and trades can be stressful, but we take care of all of that for you, streamlining the building process.

We know that the key to enjoying a beautiful custom built home is making sure your aesthetic and style is reflected in every room and detail. From ultra modern to traditional, Sina Architectural Design can do it all. As custom home builders, our job is to create a house that reflects the personality and soul of the people living in it. Let us architecturally express who you really are.

How long does it take to build a custom home in Toronto?

The average time for a custom home to be completed is a year and a half to two years. On average it’s 4-6 months for the pre-construction phase, 6 months to a year for the construction phase, and 1-2 weeks for the post-construction phase. Variables like weather, delays, changes, size, and design will all impact the timeline though.

An important step to building a home is making sure you have enough time for it. The timeline for building a custom home in Toronto can vary depending on a number of things. Delays, weather, level of detail, and size can all influence how long it will take. Knowing a rough estimate of how long a home will take is important to determine if it’s the right choice for you and your family. Here is everything you need to know about how long it takes to build a home in the GTA.

Architectural Design

All of the designers, architects and builders that work at Sina Architectural Design are fully trained and highly specialized in their field of work.

From start to finish, top to bottom, your home will be built from the best quality materials with the highest quality workmanship. From the outside in, we make sure that your home has the best architectural design. Through our planning process we get to know you personally so that your home can reflect your personality and tastes. Whether you’re into ultra modern or prefer the more traditional styles, we make sure to capture that in the architectural details and designs of your home. Every step of the architectural design process is about you.

The exterior design of your home is an important first impression. Stonework exteriors are both classic and modern, a solid pick if you want your home to look timeless. Clean lines and bold, stark color choices scream modern, which have been proven to fit very well into neighborhoods that had more traditional feels. Even the smallest architectural details bring together the feel of your home. Windows, front doors, driveways and even address numbers make all the difference.
Interior architectural design is just as important as the outside, if not more. Your home is where you spend more of your time and you want it to be inspirational as well as practical and functional. We’ll work to make sure your home as the best layout for your family and lifestyle, whether it’s the trendy open-concept or a more traditional sectioned off the layout. The small details of crown molding, ceiling design and paint color all add to your home’s aesthetic. The choice of materials can also elevate the subtle architectural design of your home. Cabinets, counter tops and plumbing finishes will all compliment the design.

At Sina Architectural Design we believe in collaboration. Your ideas are the inspiration for our architectural designs. You will personally approve every detail, material and design. Whether it’s a remodel or a full custom build, we want to make sure your house is a home. With staff specialized in every aspect of architectural design, from landscaping to interior, we guarantee we can make your dream home a reality. Let us guide you through the entire architectural design process, from conception, through construction and to final completion.

Luxury Custom Homes By Sina Sadeddin

What sets a luxury custom home builder apart from others? It’s the quality and level of details.

Words like “standard” and “average” aren’t used instead think “unique” and “luxurious”. Every last detail of your custom home will be meticulously designed and executed by our team of trained, trusted architects, designers and contractors.

Here at Sina Architectural Design we handle every aspect of building your luxury custom home. We’re a full service firm that will take care of everything, from real estate, architectural design, permitting, demolition, engineering and right down to interior design. Worrying about hiring and vetting multiple contractors and trades is stressful but luckily we take care of all of that for you, streamlining the building process.

We know that the key to enjoying a beautiful custom home is making sure your aesthetic and style is reflected in every room and detail. From ultra modern to traditional, Sina Architectural Design can do it all. As custom homebuilders, our job is to create a house that reflects the personality and soul of the people living in it. Let us architecturally express who you really are.

The first step to building a luxury custom home is to make your wish list. No item is too big or small. Your home should be a place of comfort, safety and inspiration for you and your family. Places like Pinterest, Instagram or Houzz are great to browse and gain new ideas. No design idea is too crazy or impossible. Mixing needs and wants to produce a luxury home that is practical and functioning for you and your family is what we do best.

Inspiration, ideas and style are nothing if they’re not executed properly. At Sina Architectural Design we involve you in every step of the home building process so that we can guarantee your perfect, custom design comes across. Every project we do is a collaborative effort between you and us. As luxury homebuilders we only use the best quality materials available. You can choose among the finest stones for your counters and the highest quality wood for your floors.

In addition to being custom and luxury home builders, we specialize in designing LEED certified homes and buildings. Sina Architectural Design makes homes that are not only good looking, but good for the environment too. Going green is a trend that will never go out of style. Building energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the luxury of your home. If anything it means you’ll be getting even better quality products that will last even longer.

At Sina Architectural Design we will work tirelessly to provide you with the custom luxury home of your dream. Every step of the process will be managed by us with direct input and approval from you, our client. We will work to include every design request, idea or inspiration into your home. Here at Sina Architectural Design we don’t just build custom and luxury houses, we build homes.

Contact Us

Sina Architectural Design- 4789 Yonge St. #1212- Toronto, Ontario- M2N 0G3

Tel: 647-500-9591

[email protected]



Prachel Painting- Luxury Homes Painting

About Us

We stand behind our work.
After thoughtfully choosing the perfect color scheme for your walls, how can you be sure that the final coat will hold up? Your satisfaction ultimately depends on the quality of the materials and the skillfulness of the painter. At Prachel Painting, we take as much pride in the finished product as we do in the entire process. Our Total Customer Satisfaction pledge assures customers that the quality of our workmanship will meet or exceed their expectations.

Our Promise:

  • Regardless of the size of the project, a team of professionals will deliver a superior level of service to meet your unique requirements.
  • From preparation to clean-up, we adhere to strict quality control standards, overseen by a project manager.
  • We use high quality products and materials for a long-lasting finish.

With every satisfied client, we’re making a name for ourselves.

When a good experience is shared, we know we’re doing something right. It’s nice to be recognized, whether it’s with a national accolade or a local referral. It reinforces our values, elevates our standards, and inspires us to strive for excellence with each project.

  • A recent survey conducted by the American Painting Contractor magazine placed Prachel Painting in the top 6% of contractors nationwide who account for 68% of painting contractors in the United States.
  • Our work has been featured in numerous respected publications including Design South, Interior Design, Boca Raton Magazine, The South Florida Sun Sentinel, and Professional Painting Contractor.
  • Prachel Painting was awarded the prestigious South Florida Construction Association’s “Craftsmanship Award” in recognition of outstanding workmanship and professionalism.


With our palette of services, the possibilities are endless.
At Prachel Painting, our services range from basic preparation to intricate faux finishes and textured coatings. Our professional painters are masters at the art of application, from handbrushing to electrostatic spraying. We can provide you with expert advice, sources of inspiration, and even color consulting.

Services Include:

  • Lime painting
  • Wood graining, aging, staining, glazing
  • Faux finishes
  • Wallpaper
  • Textured coatings, multi-spec
  • Epoxies
  • Electrostatic spraying
  • Elastomeric systems
  • Floor coatings
  • Color consulting with our manufacturing partners
  • Sandblasting
  • Waterproofing (through our sister company Prachel Waterproofing)

residential :

When it comes to luxury homes, our collection will surely inspire you.
For 30 years, we have had the pleasure of serving South Florida’s most prominent homeowners, completing hundreds of exquisite homes in the region’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Our work has been featured in renowned magazines such as the Architectural Digest and Professional Painting Contractor.

The high-end market, by nature, has unique requirements. At Prachel Painting, we understand this better than anyone, and can thoughtfully assemble the right team for the job every time. All projects are managed by a foreman on site and supervised by a field manager daily. We also work directly with all key individuals involved—from interior designers to general contractors. By maintaining a strong communication, we can ensure that all goals are set and met.


Commercial :

From inception to completion, we have the competitive edge.
In today’s fast-paced commercial market, projects require competent, knowledgeable painting contractors to get the job done right—on time and within budget. At Prachel Painting, we make scheduling and quality control a top priority. As a fully licensed and insured commercial and industrial painting contractor with a staff of over 130 employees, we have the resources to handle projects of all sizes.
Our extensive portfolio includes office buildings, shopping centers, retailers, car dealerships, restaurants, malls, offices and others.Notable projects include Home Depot, IBM, Lexus of Kendall, Autosport, First Data Corporate Headquarters, Athletic Club of Boca Raton, MBNA, Chico’s, and Sears.

Specialty Finishes :

Dare to dream beyond color.
Our selection of finishes covers a wide variety of techniques ranging from Old Italian finishes and Venetian plasters to metallic paintings. The exceptional quality of these superior finishes, a skill that requires extensive technical training, has been the foundation for our reputation From walls and trim to wooden or metal furniture, we can match virtually any finish onto any surface.

Electrostatic Painting :

Achieve a perfect coat with electrostatic spraying.
When painting a chaise lounge set, getting an even finish can be a daunting task—even for a professional. Individual pieces like railings or patio furniture are often over-sprayed. Electrostatic coating is an efficient solution that uses 95% of sprayed paint. A magnetic attraction produced by the process wraps the paint around the surface, making it easier to cover hard-to-reach areas.
At Prachel Painting, our professionals are masters at the art of application. We use the highest quality products to ensure a durable finish. With electrostatic spraying techniques, we can restore any piece to its original luster.

Epoxy Coatings:

Style, Durability and Unbeatable Shine
Get the look of a showroom floor with epoxy coating.
Any prestigious car dealership knows the value of having gleaming floors. Epoxy flooring has a certain wow factor, enhancing the look of a car—or anything else on its surface. As a homeowner, you can achieve that same high-gloss finish in your own garage.
At Prachel Painting, our professionals are masters at the art of application. Epoxy coatings are easy to maintain, long-lasting, and can cover cracks on any worn slab. Add your own style and customize your floor with a granite-like pattern, metallic color pigment, and more.

Contact Us

Our Offices
4500 Oak Circle, Suite B-4
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Call Us Now




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Archival Designs- Custom Home Design

Our History

Founded in 1983, Archival Designs has been designing signature homes for 30 years. Archival Designs’ homes combine the enduring elegance of the grand homes of Europe with the modern conveniences, amenities and openness preferred for today’s lifestyles. This artful combination of classic design, luxury and function is the hallmark of Archival Designs and the legacy of David Loftus, the founder and driving talent behind our more than 400 distinctive home plans.

Build Your Dream Home

You deserve amazing service, and unmatched homes that will make your family happy. When you choose Archival Designs, you will benefit from our 30 years of experience in home plan design and modifications. Between purchase and modifications, we offer you the best value for your money. We deliver the highest quality of design due to our superb reputation.

Archival Designs makes it easy, effortless, and fun to customize your family’s new home plan. You will trust our experienced house plan specialists from start to finish. We’re excited about the opportunity to serve you!

Build A Beautiful Custom Home Without All the Architectural Fees

Archival Designs, Inc. offers a large portfolio of house designs, luxury home plans and blueprint packages for clients who want to build their own homes, but don’t want to pay large architectural and engineering fees. We offer a wide range of house designs, and house plans from modest homes to starter castles. Our plans provide all the elegance and design details of a custom house design at fraction of the cost.

Archival Designs’ library of award-winning house designs are used by architects, builders, construction professionals, plan publishers and individual homeowners throughout the United States and in countries throughout the world.

Our firm is best known for luxury estate and castle house plans as large as 21,000 square feet. Our expansive portfolio of house plans also features one-of-a-kind ranch and two-story designs, cottage, mediterranean and classical house designs starting from 1,400 square feet

Archival Designs Awards and Recognition

In 1994’s highly competitive building market, JoAnne Loftus was recognized as “Builder of the Year” by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. JoAnne has also accumulated numerous other national and regional awards for her distinctive, practical yet stylish home designs. Over the course of his brief, but prolific career, David Loftus — and Archival Designs — garnered numerous national awards, many for luxury home designs.

Building Codes

Our plans are designed to specifications published by the International Residential Code (IRC) and will meet or exceed the national building standards. Due to building codes and requirements changing and varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, Archival Designs, Inc. cannot warrant compliance with any specific code or regulation. Modifications may be necessary to meet regional building codes for flood plains, snow loading, hurricane, and earthquake. Additionally, some states may require an architect or engineer seal.

Due to differences in state, county, and municipality requirements for local codes, building regulations, and zoning requirements we strongly recommend you consult your local licensed builder, architect, or engineer to review the plans before construction begins. Archival Designs, Inc. is not responsible for the advice or assistance received by builder, architect, or engineer. The owner and contractor assume full responsibility to meet all local building codes.

Plan Modifications

Between purchase and modifications, Archival Designs offers you the best value for your money. We deliver the highest quality of design with over 30 years of experience in design and modifications. Whether you’re interested in simple changes or a complex redesign, our team is more than happy to customize your plan – after all, it’s your dream.

How to Modify Your House Plan

1- Explore our home plan collection and choose the home that best fits your needs. Determine what changes you would like to make to the plan..

2- Submit your modification request in one of the following ways:

  • Go to the page of the home plan you’ve chosen. Click the “Modify this Plan” button located in the Purchase this Plan section. You will be redirected to a form where you can submit the changes you would like. If your changes are detailed, we recommend sketching on the floor plan and attaching it to your request
  • Call 770-831-6363 to speak with one our home plan specialists about your modifications. If your changes are detailed, we recommend sketching on a floor plan and emailing it directly to the representative after your initial consultation.

3- Upon receiving your request, our team will review your changes and provide a free quote within 24 hours. We welcome all questions at this time, and will discuss your project with you to make sure your ideas have been understood by our team.

4- When you decide to move forward, our home plan specialist will ask you to e-sign and return the modification agreement. This agreement will summarize your changes, the cost, and what you will receive upon completion of the design. At this time, we will process full payment of the plan sale (PDF or AutoCAD only) and a 50% deposit of the modification fee.

5- Preliminary drawings will be emailed to you for approval.

6- Upon approval of the drawings, your finalized construction documents will be emailed to you. We will process the final 50% balance of the modification fee at the time of release. That’s it!

Become A Preferred Builder Today

The Preferred Builder Program offers you a wide selection of outstanding products and services to help you build and market your Archival Designs, Inc. house plans.

With your FREE membership to our Builder Program, you will take advantage of all of these benefits:

  • 10% off your first house plan orders, plus 15% off all future orders for life!
  • FREE shipping — Registered Program builders will receive free ground shipping
  • FREE advertising on our website — Advertising is an essential element for builders. Archival Designs, Inc. offers builders the opportunity to reach local clients!
  • Buy 4 plans, Get the 5th one FREE! (up to $1,000.00 value)

Custom Home Design Services

We are committed to your satisfaction!

We make it easy, effortless and fun to custom design the best home for your and your family. Whether you are in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa or Dubai, we work hard to please all of our clients.

You may choose to work with us in person, or online No matter the distance, you will receive the same timely, knowledgeable and responsive service. Our clients and builders from around the world have come to expect the highest quality of design due to our superb reputation.

Our Process

Step One – Conceptual Phase

This is the most important phase in the design of your new home! We listen to your and learn about your dreams, needs, wants, and budget. We take all of this information into consideration when we design your conceptual drawings. These sketched hand drawings are complete with front, rear and side elevations, as well as first and second floor plans.

Step Two – Preliminary Phase

This phase begins after you are delighted with all of the conceptual designs. Our team of Registered Architects, Designers and Draftsmen will create computer computer drafted drawings. Your home comes to life and takes on a personality. These scaled computer drafted drawings are designed so you can picture yourself living in a space that makes you feel warm and welcomed.

Step Three – Final Construction Drawings

During the final design phase, our professional team will perfect the developed drawings. We deliver construction documents you and your builder can trust!


We can determine a price schedule for your new home after a brief conversation with our custom design manager. Archival Designs, Inc. breaks down the three phases into separate costs. You pay up-front for each phase and receive all completed work before moving forward to the next phase. This gives you complete control of your project!

Our Goal

The goal of Archival Designs is continued customer satisfaction and appreciation after the design is complete.

Contact Us

(888) 887-2584

(770) 831-6363

Archival Designs, Inc.
1245 BUFORD HWY, STE. 306



Houseology- Interior Design Product

About Us

Houseology is filled with stylish brands, beautiful interior products and all the interior design ideas, inspiration and professional advice you need to help you make informed design decisions.

Born out of an architectural and design practice, Houseology is steeped in genuine professional design heritage which sets us apart from other retailers. With over 150 designer furniture, lighting and home accessory brands, plus a Masterclass brimming with how-to guides, design inspiration and innovative design tools, Houseology brings everything you need to create the home of your dreams right to your fingertips.

We place our customers at the heart of our business. Everything we do from curating product collections to creating inspirational content and constantly price checking our products is done with you in mind. Our team of Houseologists pride themselves on bringing you an unrivalled customer service experience and we are on hand to help at every step of your design journey.


We’ve worked in the interior design industry for a long time and we like to think we know it rather well…

Born out of an interior design practice, Houseology launched in 2010 with the goal of demystifying the design process and making sourcing and choosing designer products for the home both easy and enjoyable. By carefully curating collections from the world’s finest brands, Houseology empowers everyone to make confident design decisions and to unlock their own inner designer.

Evolving from a design studio meant that the original website was powered from the start by a team of talented interior designers – something that immediately set the brand apart from other e-commerce websites. Throughout 2011, the website and sales grew rapidly and so did the team behind it. By 2012 the original design team were joined by customer service and logistics specialists, digital marketers, software engineers and webmasters.

2013 marked a pivotal year for the business, with a Series A investment round successfully closing in October 2013 followed by the completion of Series B in 2014. This signalled the start of the next stage in the brand’s development and the team grew further to include a talented content team, a specialist buying team – and even more marketers!

The well-established Board and Advisory Panel also continued to grow to include a variety of highly experienced and knowledgeable retailers and investors. These include former Tesco CEO, Sir Terry Leahy who joined early stage investors, Ian McDonald and William Currie of The William Currie Group and entrepreneur, Bill Dobbie.

This combination of the worlds of design, retail, e-commerce and technology, along with our concept of empowering customers, is what makes Houseology a truly unique retail destination.

The company has gone from strength to strength, doubling in size each year and developing a global customer base, but we haven’t lost sight of our quest to always stay fresh, new and unique and above all, offer outstanding customer service.

So in 2014, reflecting our passion for originality and technological innovation, we made the bold decision to shake up our offering to deliver some of the exciting new concepts and ideas we’d been working on. In May 2015, we announced an exciting new phase in our development and our evolution into the new Houseology brand coincided with our move to our fabulous new 7,000 square foot converted mill studio on the canal side. May 2015 also saw the launch of the striking new Houseology website, built to mirror our customers’ and community’s needs, as well as reflecting the character and personality of our diverse and talented team that powers it.

The transformation to is just the first step in our ongoing journey to ensure we continue to be relevant, fresh and inspiring. Our unique design heritage means that we have deep links and strong relationships with all our suppliers and we’ve built the innovative Houseology concept as a place for our customers – both retail and trade – to discover an exclusive curation of beautiful designer branded furniture, lighting and accessories. Furthermore, Houseology is also an interior design emporium where everyone can be inspired and excited by lifestyle looks, how to guides, innovative interior tools and informative content where our customers can choose products that will transform their home.

At the beginning of 2017, Houseology announced another exciting development with the Houseology Group acquiring commercial furniture consultancy, Bureau Workspace Limited. This acquisition provides an exciting opportunity to combine a traditional commercial furniture and projects offering with Houseology’s dynamic e-commerce platform, creating scope for new market exposure as well as a completely unique proposition.

Price Promise

To ensure you always get the finest quality products at the best possible prices, we constantly check our prices against other online retailers. You can see the latest brands and products that we’ve price matched in our Price Match category.

Our promise to you is that you’ll never pay for one of our products at an online competitor, as long as it meets the criteria set out below. If you find a product where an online competitor is cheaper, just get in touch with us with the relevant information and we’ll Price Match it.

To contact us about the Houseology Price Match Promise, please call our Freephone number +44 0333 252 8988 or email [email protected] and our team of Houseologists will be delighted to help you.

Please note that in order for us to Price Match a competitor’s price, the item must adhere to the following conditions:

  • The item must be identical, from the same manufacturer and the same size and colour.
  • The retailer must also be an approved or licensed supplier and sell through a bona fide website.
  • The item must also be available for delivery within the same timescales as Houseology and be delivered via the courier network.


7 Reasons to Choose Trade at Houseology

Trade at Houseology is the professional’s supplier of choice for designer furniture, lighting and interior accessories. From interior designers and architects to contractors and restauranteurs, we work with a wide range of interior design professionals on a daily basis to ensure their projects are delivered on time and on budget. With an unrivalled range of products, the best possible service and exclusive trade discounts, discover the many benefits of choosing Trade at Houseology below and we look forward to working with you on your next project.

1- Exclusive trade discount

Benefit from an exclusive discount of up to 30% on selected brands.

2-Tailored account management

A dedicated Account Manager will assist you with samples, sourcing products and will consolidate your order to suit your requirements.

3-Online purchasing

Wherever you are in the world, whatever time, you can order and pay online at your exclusive trade price – no need to wait on quotes.

4-Best trade prices guaranteed

With our Price Promise, if you find a product cheaper at any other retailer then we’ll match the price.

5-Love it or return it

If the product you ordered isn’t right for you or your client, you can return it.

6-Unrivalled choice

Utilising the extensive Houseology network, you will have access to an unrivalled collection of over 16,000 products from all over the world.

7-Bespoke and custom items sourced

Want it, can’t find it? Our dedicated sourcing team can work with you to find or create products to match exactly what you require.

Contact Us

Call us on +44 (0)330 363 0330. Our team are available:

Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 6.00pm
Friday 8.30am – 4.00pm

If you call outwith these hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you the next working day.


Our designers and customer service team are available to chat with you about any of our products and to help answer queries about any of the products or styles on the website, simply Click Here or click the live chat icon to begin a conversation.

Live Chat is available:

Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 6.00pm
Friday 8.30am – 4.00pm

You can leave an automatic email message outwith these hours and we will contact you the next working morning.

Email us at [email protected] or get in touch via our contact form.

Please include a note of the reason for the email so that we can direct it to the correct department, as well as your own contact details so that we can get back to you.

Write to us at our head office:

28 Speirs Wharf
G4 9TG




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Botero – Luxury Homes Builders

About Us

We have been building homes of excellence for nearly 20 years in the DC Metropolitan Washington Area, with particular emphasis on luxury development projects in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland. More recently, we have focused our work in Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Fairfax Station, Clifton, and Alexandria.

The Company is particularly dedicated to a high standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail while ensuring an outstanding level of customer satisfaction. True to its mandate, Botero Homes has designed, built, and sold a number of homes that reflect every aspect of comfort, luxury, and attention to detail.

Why Choose Botero?

Lowest Cost:

After the crisis, most prices of construction materials and services have gone down by 50% on average, except those related to oil. All these discounts are transferred by Botero to the client. You will be assured that you get the REAL cost + the management fee. In marble and ceramic we get a 70% savings. In foundations and framing 30%, and in plumbing and electrical fixtures 50%. All of these savings are passed to the client. No Exceptions! And we don’t play games!! For the first time since the 2008 crisis, we started 2013 with a price increase. We will monitor this trend carefully when preparing the budgets for our clients. We expect that the cost of materials will take about five years to be back at the high 2008 level.

Lowest Engagement Fee:

When you sign the contract with Botero, we only charge $5,000 for houses between 5,000 sqft and 10,000 sqft and $15,000 for houses above 10,000 sqft.

Total Transparency:

The money received from the client and the bank is managed in a completely independent bank account where the homeowners have access online and can monitor all transactions 24/7. Every month a report is delivered to the client with details of all expenditures for each item of the budget, showing the progress of the construction and the balances for every chapter. Accounting is open to the clients at any time and the invoices charged to Botero are the same used for the client accounting. The client may talk openly with every vendor about the prices charged or may suggest to Botero a particular vendor that will offer an even better price or promotion. The objective is to build the home at the lowest possible cost.

We developed a program by which the homeowners receive a daily report of activities taking place in the contruction of their home and a monthly accounting report with a budget control presentation. This, plus the bank’s online connection, will facilitate the process of monitoring by the client, making it more transparent than ever!

Assistance with the purchase of the lot:

Botero Homes has an associate who is a licensed realtor. We offer the client the service of finding, selecting and buying the lot.

Best Attitude:

A “Yes, we are glad to do it” attitude prevails everywhere in the Botero Homes Team. Each one gives the best of themselves, including overtime and holidays, to keep the client happy. The working environment in the Botero organization is pleasant and of constant activity about satisfying client needs.

Best References:

(a) Five-time First Prize winner of the “Monument Award” as “Best of the Best” in Luxury Homes. (b) Four-time winner of the distinction by the U.S Commerce Association as “Best of Vienna” and now in 2013, “Best of Reston”. (c) Selected as Member of the “BUILD- PAC” for extraordinary dedication to the Home Building industry by the National Association of Home Builders. (d) Two “Best Feature” GALA awards. (e) Written testimonials from our homeowners.


The process of building the “client’s dream” has to be pleasant and happy. It is almost like a marriage between Builder and Client for more than one year. Botero’s mission is that at the end of the stressful process, we have a “friend for life”. If Mr. Botero finds at the initial process of plan design and budget preparation that there is no “empathy” between Builder and Client, he will respectfully decline to participate. We at Botero need to be happy and to take pleasure out of building your Home.

Custom Home:

Every home is unique. Although the client may want us to follow the basic elements of a previous home or may request us to buy ready-plans, we devote hours to the process of customizing and adjusting the plans to the County Code. Mr. Botero himself, with a team of professionals in the architectural, construction and financial fields, works very closely with every step of the process of designing and drafting your home. The same team will be there in the field, supervising the construction process.

Individual Budget:

A budget is custom prepared for each home, side by side with the owner, to achieve the lowest possible cost and prevents you from having “surprises” later on.

Good News!

The joint effort to achieve the lowest cost pays. Every time, with no exceptions, when we finish a home, the client finds that the value of the home in the market exceeds by $200,000 to $700,000 the cost spent in construction. This means you get “Instant Equity” because of simple market law: You got the house at real wholesale cost but you will sell it at retail. Presently, at times of market crisis, this is probably the only add-on equity you will get for the next 4 years. We build at lower cost than the price of the millions of houses in distress in the present post-crisis market.

Design Services

Personalized Design Services

Nobody will charge you less than BOTERO for these services!

  • We will design your architectural layouts and budget for as low as $5,000.
  • We will process the Architectural and Engineering plans with the County and obtain the “Building Permit”.
  • You can buy plans on the internet, and we will customize them to your needs and local County codes.
  • As Botero Homes is a licensed Real Estate Agent, we help the customer to buy the land.

Turn-Key Construction

Some clients are too busy these days and would prefer not to participate in the daily process related to the construction phase. Botero Homes offers the following “Turn-Key Program”:

  • You approve the Architectural Plans, the Detailed Specs and the Budget.
  • Botero Homes builds the home for you.
  • You will be invited to typically 3 Review Meetings to review the progress.
  • Botero delivers the Key with the Certificate of Occupancy.


We employ the most advanced technology, custom-made to fit your budget:

  • Amazing home theaters with the latest technology
  • Kitchens a Master Chef would be proud of
  • Audio and Visual systems throughout the house
  • Smart lighting systems
  • Anything you want, we can make it happen!

Go Green

Botero Implements Processes to Protect the Environment

We use a sustainable design to build homes in balance with nature while saving you money.

What Does Going Green Mean?

It means improving the way homes and construction sites use energy, water and materials to reduce the impact on health and the environment.

It consists of 5 major principles:

green-check Energy Savings

green-check Water Efficiency

green-check CO2 Emissions Reduction

green-check Improved Indoor Environmental Quality

green-check Resource Management and Sensitivity to Their Impacts

“Going Green Is A State Of Mind. We Actively Look For Opportunities To Go Green.” – O. Botero

What Does Botero Do?

green-checkWe use energy efficient construction techniques and products.

green-checkWe use environmentally preferred materials, products and processes.

We select renewable energy options and ENERGY STAR appliances.

green-checkWe carefully use waste reduction and recycling during construction.

green-checkWe use sustainable land development practices.

green-checkWe design air-tight houses using energy efficient doors, windows, insulation and highly efficient HVAC systems.

green-checkWe choose toilets and bath fixtures that are water-stingy.

Home Building Process


1. Selecting and Buying the Lot.

2. If the lot requires a septic system and a well, there are some engineering
studies required and previous approvals from the Health Department.

3. Preliminary plans and Budget to submit to the Lending Bank.

4. Loan processing and approval.

5. Preparation of the entire package to obtain the approval and the permit by the County.  That package includes, among other things:

  • Complete architectural plans.
  • Structural plans of the home.
  • All engineering studies.
  • Several documents and deposits by the owner.


6. Permit by the Health Department

7. Permit by the County for Demolition and for Construction.

8. Permit by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

9. Bank closing on the loan.


10. Demolition of existing structure.

11. Tree clearing and lot preparation.

12. Applying and Paying for the utilities connections.

13. Excavations

14. Foundations

15. Framing

16. Roofing

17. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC

18. Insulation

19. Drywall

20. Priming for painting.

21. Trim and Interior carpentry

22. Doors and Windows

23. Flooring

24. Cabinets and Vanities

25. Hardware for doors and cabinets

26. Final plumbing

27. Final HVAC

28. Exterior Veneer (Stucco, Stone or Brick), gutters and exterior drainage.

29. Finishing septic, well, utilities and connection to home.

30. Base paving

31. Final grading for land.

32. Exterior hardscaping (patios, decks, exterior stairs).

33. Painting

34. Appliances

35. Detail cleaning

36. Landscaping and sprinkle system


37. Final Inspections

38. Processing the warranty

39. Occupancy permit.

Bank Loans

Botero Homes and MVB Mortgage Seal an Alliance

Many years ago we met Mark Ferguson, a recognized leader in construction lending in Northern Virginia. Now that he is Builder Division Vice President specializing in Mortgage Loans with MVB Mortage, Botero Homes sealed an alliance for the benefit of our clients. The experience of working together has been excellent. During this partnership, we have refined the procedures to make the process more efficient.

The Loan: Once Botero introduces the client to the company’s Vice President of Mortgage Loans, Mr. Mark Ferguson, he takes care of guiding the client during the entire loan approval process. While complying with all the new regulations imposed on banks after the 2008 crisis, he makes it as simple and expeditious as possible.

Terms: The bank finances about 80% of the total cost of the project including the land acquisition. It is a 12 to 18 month construction loan. At the end of construction, the bank transforms the initial construction loan into a “permanent loan” over 20 to 30 years based on the need of the client. As Botero’s preferred lender, MVB provides the most competitive financing solutions for our clients.

The Building Process: The bank prepares a “Draw Schedule” to disburse the loan in tranches as the builder finishes every phase of construction. The bank sends an inspector that carefully verifies the construction stage. Once approved, the bank releases the draw to a particular bank account opened by Botero and the client. The last draw is conditioned to the county issuing the occupancy permit.

Requirements by the Bank: In order to formally process the loan, the bank requires that Botero send the construction contract and the architectural plans accompanied by the receipt of the initial deposit made by the client, which is 25%-35% of the cost of the construction, at the discretion of Botero Homes. For large projects of more than $2,000,000, Botero may accept the deposit to be paid in two installments: (1) the first installment of 50% when the construction contract is signed, and (2) the second 50% at the time of closing of the loan. The second part of the deposit is sometimes financed by the bank.

Corporate Office:

11325 Random Hills Rd
Suite 100
Fairfax VA 22030
Mark Ferguson
Vice President
Office: (571) 266-6485
Cell: (301) 674-5851
[email protected]
Specializing in Portfolio Lending with Construction to Permanent Products. Call me today for a Private Consultation to CREATE a loan tailored to you and your choices!

Contact Us

Corporate Offices:
11150 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 309,Reston, Va, 20190 USA
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell: (703) 371-0202
Fax: (571) 313-8542

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Tricia Carroll Designs- Luxury Home Design

About Us

Established in 2004 & based in Hampshire, Tricia Carroll Designs is an award winning interior design studio that has built up a reputation for creating aspirational and unique interiors that reflect individual tastes. With the primary aim of making the very best of your home, we provide a full interior design service from concept to completion.


We work closely with our clients through all stages of the interior design process, from initial concept and space planning, through to furniture installation and completion.

We always aim to exceed client’s expectations & to make the journey an enjoyable one. To create a cohesive and bespoke interior we implement ideas, designs and solutions our clients may not have considered.

Typically working on renovations or new builds we are principally brought in at the initial stages of the project, working alongside you, your architect and your building contractor. We produce technical drawings for the interior design elements which are compatible with the AutoCAD drawings produced by the architect.

The interior design service includes

  • Initial Consultation
  • Space Planning and Concept Design
  • Detailed Technical Design and CAD Drawings
  • Electrical and Lighting Layouts
  • Specification for all Interior Finishes and Details
  • Furniture, Lighting and Soft Furnishing Specification
  • Bespoke Joinery and Furniture Design
  • Full Procurement Service
  • Accessories Sourcing and Styling
  • Coordination and Specialist Installation

Working in Hampshire, Surrey & West Sussex, we will also consider projects further afield, so please contact us to see if we can help you.

Design Process

S T A G E 1

Our initial meeting at your home is to understand in detail your ideas, taste & lifestyle, including budget, time scale and specific requirements. We also look at any potential structural improvements to your home to see if these could increase your enjoyment of the space.


S T A G E 2

Once the brief and design fee has been agreed, initial design concepts and ideas are developed to gauge your preferences.

This includes the use of mood boards to help determine the overall look and feel of the space.

S T A G E 3

On agreeing the general approach, layout plans are produced which over time are developed into detailed designs and specifications incorporating budget estimates and project scheduling.

The work involved at this stage provides a clear and documented view of what your home will look like, giving you piece of mind that the design is both practical and beautiful.

S T A G E 4

Once all the designs, technical specifications and final costings have been signed off by you, procurement of furniture & materials etc. can begin. Regular site visits are carried out to co-ordinate with your building contractors, trades etc. & to oversee delivery & installation of all furnishings inline with the final design.

Throughout all stages of the project we work closely with you to create a home that feels just right for you and your family


Guildford – Surrey

With a brief to remodel & completely update this apartment to provide a contemporary living space, we reconfigured the interior layouts to provide open plan living areas, together with more private spaces. Maximising storage was vital & we sourced & installed modern furniture, soft furnishings & accessories together with redesigning the lighting & electrical layouts.

Village Location – Surrey

When the clients contacted Tricia, they were planning a new build 5 bed home on the site of a former house which didn’t suit their needs. The house was designed by Aleksa Glancy Design (, and working as part of the design team Tricia provided interior design services including the lighting and electrical design. The result is a wonderful family home, with a mix of modern and classic touches that will stand the test of time.

Contact Us

29 Rowan Road, Lindford,Hampshire, GU35 0RE, U.K

email: [email protected]

phone: 01420 488 688

mobile: 07899 754 515


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Robb & Stucky – Interior Designer

About Us

Where It All Started…

Only 30 short years after the small southwest Florida town known as Ft. Myers, population 349, was incorporated, Virgil Robb and W.R. Lee opened their new furniture and general merchandise store. That year was 1915. Henry Ford’s wife, Clara, traveled the rough shell roads and bought beautiful furniture there for their home on Riverside Drive, now known as McGregor Blvd. The store product lines included the famous Edison Phonograph, but why not, the Edison’s were also good customers. Harry Stucky joined the team two years later in 1917. By 1925, Lee had left the business and the company was officially known as Robb & Stucky.

In 2011, a new Robb & Stucky was formed when the family of Samuel Kuo, founder and CEO of Samson Holding Ltd. purchased the brand and intellectual properties. With new executive leadership, the revitalized brand opened its first showroom in 2012 in Fort Myers.

Robb & Stucky Today

Today the company is continuing to expand the brand and operates showrooms on both the Southwest and East coasts of Florida including Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Coral Gables, and our newest showroom in Boca Raton.

“Boca Raton has always been an important part of our roll-out strategy,” said Eric Chien, Robb & Stucky President and CFO, “we are establishing a strong foot-hold on Florida’s east coast like we have on the west.” Mr. Chien continues, “Our consistent growth is a testament to Robb & Stucky’s commitment to Florida and our promise to provide our clients the ultimate shopping experience in the home furnishings sector. We could not do this without our talented and dedicated employees or our highly valued clientele. We welcome everyone to be a part of the new Robb & Stucky.”

Robb & Stucky Design Team Wins a 2018 Design Excellence Crystal Award for the Panorama Tower Model

Miami, Fla. (September 29, 2018) – Robb & Stucky model residence at Panorama Tower, an 85-floors 842-unit high-rise tower by the Florida East Coast Realty Group has won a prestigious 2nd place at the 2018 Design Excellence Crystal Award in the Showhouse / Model Category. The American Society of Interior Designers Awards represent the Society’s highest level of professional recognition!

Robb & Stucky’s Interior Designers, Maria Elena Holguin, ASID and Deborah Dawson, accepted the award for designing and creating the acclaimed interior for the 842-tower residence model. The model includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open great room, island kitchen, terrace spaces & included in a 1632 square ft of total living space.

Holguin and Dawson furnished the model with a chic, vibrant style in mind while also providing a design that would attract a wide variety of people that would love to live, work and play in Brickell. Upon entering the apartment, the bar is painted with the Benjamin Moore color of the year Caliente and the color is added to some elements throughout the apartment. The palette for the spaces is white, grey, red, orange and some teal. The furnishings have clean lines and are upholstered with fabrics and leather textures.

The view of Biscayne Bay and the adjoining sites of bustling Brickell sets the tone for the design of the model. The seating arrangement includes a curved sofa upholstered in a dark grey suede, a fabric chair and 2 ottomans. There is also a dedicated work space area with a glass top desk, acrylic chair and contemporary artwork.

Robb & Stucky design services

We listen to clients to better understand their style preferences. We research and are perpetually learning – keeping abreast of the latest colors, textures, shapes and styles. We visit our customer’s homes to visualize and conceptualize the perfect design plan. We recommend fine fabrics and finishes that sing with distinction and charm. And finally, at the end of a project, we celebrate with our clients the installation of a beautifully designed space.

  • Brilliant Design Services
  • Space Planning
  • Color Specification
  • Furniture Selection
  • Custom Upholstery
  • Textiles & Trims
  • Outdoor Living
  • Accessorization
  • Rugs & Flooring
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Window Treatments
  • Shutters and Blinds
  • Custom Closets
  • Home Electronics
  • Legendary White Glove Installation Services

Realtor Rewards Program

The Robb & Stucky Rewards Program is more rewarding than ever! Join the most exciting and exclusive rewards program created especially for our real estate partners. Our Rewards Program was created to thank you for referring your clients to Robb & Stucky.

Earn Rewards. When your registered client purchases furnishings and accessories at Robb & Stucky, you earn points for yourself. Redeem them for a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. Or, double your points when you purchase Robb & Stucky merchandise for your home!

Realtors earn reward points on qualified client purchases. These points may be spent like cash on merchandise at any Robb & Stucky. Reward points to Realtors equal 2% or 1% if choosing a Visa gift card on all qualified client purchases and are awarded on the last day of the month for deliveries completed in the previous month. For example, deliveries completed in February will have points rewarded on March 31.

Here’s How It Works: 1) Reward points are capped at 2,000 per referral. 2) Reward points exclude labor, clearance priced items, re-upholstery, freight, select contract merchandise, and fine area rugs. 3) All referrals and reward points are non-transferable and valid for two years. 4) Realtors complete the Client Registration Form for each home buyer online. Clients and reward points are automatically linked in our system to the Realtors. 5) Realtors will receive a quarterly statement showing any purchases made by their clients, their current reward point balance and point expiration dates. 6) As required by law, participating Realtors who redeem reward points will be issued an IRS form 1099 at the end of the applicable tax year when reward points are redeemed. 7) If you choose not to receive reward points for your client referrals, simply let us know.

Opportunities Knocks

Robb & Stucky is searching for talented, experienced and passionate people. Whether you’re the perfect candidate for the position of Interior Designer, Delivery Professional or Corporate Employee, Robb & Stucky could be your new home. Discover the benefits of a career with the most exciting home furnishings and interior design destination in Florida! Please email your resume to [email protected] or fax to: (239) 415-2902. We’re looking for the best of the best – could that be you?

Robb & Stucky is a Drug Free Workplace and Equal Opportunity Employer.

Interior Design Partners Program

Independent designers are invited to make themselves more valuable to their clients with the Robb & Stucky Interior Design Partner Program. Join today and enjoy full access to the Robb & Stucky portfolio of products, services, facilities and design commission. We are entirely at your service. And, simultaneously, Robb & Stucky will honor and support your intimate, one-on-one relationship with your client. We can be…

  • Your backroom
  • Your delivery team
  • Your accounting    department
  • Your customer service department
  • Your satellite office
  • Your meeting place
  • Your fabric workroom
  • Your design center
  • Your accessory center
  • Your back-up team

Contact Us

Fort Myers






Coral Gables


Boca Raton



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Studio 9 – luxury Interior Design In Los Angeles

About Us

Studio 9 is a residential and commercial design firm based in Los Angeles specializing in kitchen, bath and commercial office designs.
Our company’s values consist of implementing our client’s requirements into our designs creating timeless, unique, bold, organic, stylish, and functional living spaces.

At Studio 9, our design process and construction phase are accomplished by attention to detail, constant communication with our clients, architects, and contractors.

Client satisfaction, honesty in design decisions, practicality, project analysis, and budget allocation is an integral part of each project. We provide our clients with living spaces that emulate a sense of pride.

Raquel Contreras is a renowned American designer and taste-maker known for her enchanting take on interiors. As a California native who relocated to Boston and found her way back home to the City of Angels, Raquel has experienced two very different worlds bringing them together as one.

Working with contractors, designers, and architects from both the East and West coast, she has developed her own style gaining inspiration from flashy Hollywood Glamour and the traditional style of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.


Color Consultation

If you are thinking of giving your home or office a different vibe without replacing furnishings, Color Consultation is the best road map to follow provided by Studio 9. Choosing the correct color scheme to achieve the vibe you are looking for is a service we can provide to you in order to create the mood you’re seeking based on your personal preferences and inspirations. Or if you are daring enough to lets us introduce you to color trends, or a specific hue that you wouldn’t ever consider using for your walls!

Trusting us that our color scheme is customized to your taste is key, chances are you will be pleasantly surprised. And if not, well its just paint; it can be changed to a color you are more comfortable with in a snap of a finger!

A good starting point for you is to gather a little bit of inspiration in order for us to understand your color vibe. Is your color vibe quiet, neutral, bold, or bright? Do you prefer earth tones or vibrant colors? What spectrum of the color wheel calls out to you? Making a list of the colors you like, dislike, and colors that fall in between gives us a good starting point. It gives us an idea on where to pull inspiration from to form your color vibe.

Other factors that determine the formation of the color palette are existing furnishings and their placement, natural sunlight, architectural details, and floor plan. The best time to schedule your color consultation is when you get the best natural sunlight as all colors read differently when comparing various paint chip samples. After colors have been approved we will select the appropriate wall finish to enhance those colors and your space.

Residential interior design

Residential interior design may be overlooked by many. It’s not until you walk into a well-coordinated and tailored residence you’ll realize what in fact is good residential interior design. Studio 9 specializes in kitchen and bath designs.

However, we also provide an array of residential interior design services such as designing formal living rooms, formal and informal dining rooms, family rooms, great rooms, master suites, bedrooms, kid’s bedrooms and play areas, teenage bedrooms, man caves, home theaters, finished basements, and outdoor living spaces.
Studio 9’s Design Process:
When undertaking a new residential interior design project, Studio 9 provides a complimentary design consultation asking you a series of questions to pin point the exact scope of work, leading you towards the right direction. Depending on the scope of work of your project, you’ll most likely need to hire a Builder/General Contractor and an Architect along with an Interior Designer. The most common questions Studio 9 will ask you in order to prepare an accurate interior design proposal are as follows:
What is the square footage?
When was your property built?
What is your style? (Contemporary, Hollywood Glam, Industrial, Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Spanish, Vintage, etc.)
What is your budget
What is your wish list?
What are your priorities and goals for this project?
Will you be using existing furniture pieces to combine with new ones?
When would you like your project to be completed?
Once terms of services have been approved, Studio 9 proceeds to taking all field measurements and draft floor plans & elevations for proper space planning. Then the real fun part starts: selecting all finishes, materials, fixtures, and furnishings! Each stage takes time to perfect, good design takes time; making the final installation date all worth the wait. Studio 9 will walk you through each stage, from concept to installation.

Commercial interior design

Commercial interior design can encompass corporate and office spaces, medical offices, community rooms, and hotels & restaurants. Within the commercial interior design sector, Studio 9 specializes in corporate and office interior design specifying the industry’s latest modern workstations and optimizing productivity within any organization. Even though our niche in commercial interior design is within the corporate arena, we can design office spaces for smaller businesses, retail, and restaurant industries.

Studio 9’s Design Process:
When undertaking a new commercial interior design project, Studio 9 provides a complimentary design consultation asking you a series of questions to pin point the exact scope of work, leading you towards the right direction. Depending on the scope of work of your project, you’ll most likely need to hire a Builder/General Contractor and an Architect along with an Interior Designer. The most common questions Studio 9 will ask you in order to prepare an accurate interior design proposal are as follows:
What is the square footage?
What type of office/industry do you operate?
What is your style?
How many employees?
How many conference rooms?
What is your budget?
What is your wish list?
What are your priorities and goals for this project?
What type of workstations? Who is the end user?
When would you like your project to be completed?
Once terms of services have been approved, Studio 9 proceeds to taking all field measurements and draft floor plans & elevations for proper space planning for workstations, break room furniture, and employee huddle rooms. The next stage is to select paint colors, materials, lighting, desk accessories, and incorporate interesting design elements that define what the organization represents. Each stage takes time to perfect, good design takes time; making the final installation date all worth the wait. Studio 9 will walk you through each stage, from concept to installation.


For the love that Studio 9 has for cooking, designing kitchens of all sizes is where we have the most fun! Knowing what the perfect layout is, and knowing what kitchen essentials our fellow cooks crave; is where rolling up our sleeves comes into play and design with you in mind. For a complimentary consultation, simply hit the inquiry button and our design team will be in touch with you shortly

Contact Us

2515 West Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90016

[email protected]


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DKOR – Interior Design In Miami

DKOR Interiors is among the top residential interior design firms with projects internationally and concentrated in the South Florida region.   We are a team of professional, energetic individual’s with talented designers and experienced managers available to guide our client’s through the flawless and timely execution of any residential design project.

Our Miami interior designers take pride in creating luxurious and innovative homes that have a very intimate connection to our clients and their families.  We understand each project we begin has specific needs, budgets, and a level of quality with the work involved.  Each home starts with a personalized concept that directly correlates to these needs of our clients and their individual style.  We rely on our professional knowledge and advanced experience in the design field to walk our clients through the process of interior remodeling, new construction, and interior finishing with exceptional customer service.

Every DKOR member and extended member becomes an integral part of the collaboration process to deliver an authentic style and home identity for our client’s residential spaces.  Associates work passionately to offer turnkey design services to a luxury, high-end clientele.


Step 1: Concept Creation

The first part of the interior design process at Dkor always starts with a concept. It is here that we create an agreed upon flow to your space.

Step 2: Design Development

After a concept is established, your project’s team develops the scope of your space further by developing the home’s design features and selecting material finishes, plumbing fixtures, lighting, furniture and accessories. This is also the phase where we work closely with an architect to develop your construction Documents, including all RCP, Plumbing and Electrical plans.

Step 3: Selections

After establishing the first layer of materials and features in your home, we develop ideas and presentations regarding furniture, lighting, and accessories. In addition to our in studio presentations, we also schedule meetings at local showrooms to view the proposed furniture in store.

Step 4: Planning and Specifications

When the design and selections of your home has been approved by you, the implementation process of the design begins. We prepare specification outlining in detail the intent of the design, as well as interior plans for General Contractors and sub-contractors to begin quoting the scope of work. We review these specifications with you to ensure all function needs are delineated.

Step 5: Construction

Now here’s the fun part! After all design has been solidified and materials have been ordered, we break ground and begin building. We work very closely with our General Contractor to ensure all flooring, tiles, plumbing and electrical items get installed per plan, functions correctly and looks beautiful.

Step 6: Procurement

At DKOR, every project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager. This person is responsible for ensuring a flawless and timely execution of your home’s construction and turnover. We are basically “on call” to make daily, weekly and monthly site visits and work very closely with all of our vendors, trades and sub contractors during the project’s partnership. Among construction management, your “PM” is also responsible for your project’s accounting, finances and purchasing.

Step 7: Project Turnover

Also know as “The Big Reveal!” During a project’s turnover, we don’t count on getting much sleep this week. This is a crucial turning point in the project as every last detail is solidified. During this time we all pull together and take on certain tasks: shopping for accessories, wrapping up any last minute touch ups with our carpenters, moving in all of your brand new furniture with great care, cleaning and hanging every last piece of wall art. After your new home is perfectly staged, we take professional photographs and then walk you through the big reveal. A very exciting and emotional day to look forward to!

Kitchen Design

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home. Over the past several years of working with clients, we know this to be true. Kitchens are where families gather during special events. They are where friends congregate for an after school snack. They are where mom or dad helps kids with their homework while cooking dinner. Needless to say, they are important spaces.

Kitchens are also one of the main rooms that clients find it very useful to work with an interior design team who understands the materials, spacing, and more that go into the design of a dream kitchen. There is so much to consider when designing a kitchen. While it needs to be gorgeous, it is more important that it meets the needs of our clients’ daily routines. Because who cares about a beautiful, creative kitchen if it does not work right.

We have experience working with several well-known kitchen companies in the southern Florida area and beyond. Therefore, we are able to guide our clients through the kitchen design process, from choosing the quality and finishes that best work with the ergonomics of a home to fitting that all into an aligned-on budget. In addition to those considerations, it is important to utilize every inch of space. Whether you are looking to build your dream kitchen in a palatial residence or a space-challenged apartment, we work with kitchen design companies and our clients to ensure that our designs are very efficient and there is no loss of space.

Check out this portfolio page, which showcases some of our favorite completed kitchens and highlights our top posts from our DKOR Living Blog. All of these resources can help you design your dream kitchen and answer all of your kitchen design questions.

Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, and as such it is key to gather all of the master bedroom ideas before beginning to design. This space, combined with an attached bathroom and walk-in closet, is generally called the master suite. The master bedroom is usually the largest bedroom, reserved for the head of the family. At DKOR, a Miami-based design firm, we have dreamed up many creative master bedroom designs, each one with a particular style and features, to meet our clients’ needs.

Often, our clients focus on common areas, like the living room, dining room, and kitchen, or their children’s bedrooms before putting time and energy into designing a space for themselves. That is part of the reason we love designing master bedrooms—we get to give our clients the perfect place to rest their head at the end of the day, after they have taken care of their family, friends, and careers.

Whether in a penthouse apartment, condo, new construction, or renovation, there are a lot of aspects that need to be considered when designing a master bedroom. As top interior designers in Miami, we bring each of those elements into any master bedroom design concept we create. To begin, we take into consideration the style of the rest of the house and then create a more peaceful, calming, relaxing version of that for the master bedroom.

It is important for master bedrooms, no matter whether they are done in a modern, contemporary, traditional, or any other style, to be a place where the head of the family can find peace at the end of the day. On the color wheel, cool hues, like blue, green, gray, and purple, help set a calming tone. But if our clients do not prefer these colors, there are other ways we can create the right mood in their master bedroom. One designer trick is: symmetry. Symmetry is soothing, which is why pairs of matching lamps, nightstands, artwork, and more are often found in master bedrooms.

These are just a few of the aspects to consider when designing a master bedroom. The good news is you can start gathering inspiration to spark your design imagination by browsing the many master bedrooms we have completed for clients over the years in this portfolio page. Then dive deeper into design by visiting our interior design blog, where we we cover symmetry, calming hues, and more in posts. From providing you with useful design tips for creating the master bedroom of your dreams to sharing inspirational master bedroom ideas and new trends, you can go further with your inspiration collection by browsing our interior design posts and articles.

Contact Us

2079 NE 155th Street • North Miami, FL 33162

(305) 981-2710

[email protected]


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LUX Design – Luxury Interior Design In Toronto

About Us


LUX Design is Canada’s

premier boutique Interior Design firm. As our client, you are our top priority and we ensure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded. Simply put, we are passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces while ensuring that the process is a great one for our clients from project onset to completion.



What you can expect :

Discussion of deliverables including timeline, intended design style and targeted demographics
Ideation on spatial layouts, placement of furniture, and required finishes/materials
Discussion of custom or unique feature areas to be designed
Determination of budget and project estimate.


Have you recently purchased a condo or perhaps are living in one that needs a fresh design? If so, this LUX Design service is for you. The Condo Quickie is Canada’s best turn-key solution to creating your ideal condo lifestyle space. This package includes but is not limited to:

  • floor plan creation illustrating furniture placements
  • innovative and creative use of small spaces
  • on-site meeting with a top LUX designer to determine your style and project objectives
  • paint colour and feature wall selection (accent walls, wallpapers, etc)
  • window treatments, design and selection
  • complete furniture sourcing, purchasing and delivery coordination, to reflect design vision
  • In-studio Interior Design Presentation, illustrating the design vision with imagery and samples accessories, art and finishes sourcing.


A newly renovated bathroom is invaluable for both the users of the home as well as the resale value. It is one of the key elements to any interior. Since we have renovated so many bathrooms in the past 10 years we have developed a renovation strategy and a simple turn key process that we extend to our clients.

Package includes:

  • Creation of optimal floor plan and fixtures layout
  • Customized In-studio Interior Design Presentation, illustrating the design vision with imagery and samples accessories, art and finishes sourcing
  • Selection of all tiles, fixtures and accessories
  • Purchasing and coordinating delivery of all said finishes to job site
  • Complete Labour and Supervision to project completion


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