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Villas Roobins Group in Spain

About Us

Villas Roobins Group is a company dedicated to the promotion of homes and properties since 1980.

Our philosophy is to treat customers like friends and offer to each of our clients a personalized and familiar global quality service.

We are glad to have among our customers great friends since the beginning of our relationship and we seek their well-being in our homes. We are pleased that our customers feel their home as a privileged place to live surrounded by nature, leisure and quality of life.

Having at our disposal a portfolio of quality land is a critical factor in order to ensure the continuity and growth of the promoter activity of the company.

Making housing increasingly higher value-added is our mission; unique, innovative housing design with the latest technology, the highest quality and respect for the environment. Our customers feel proud to own a dwelling of group Roobins Villas which is a reflection of our commitment to exclusivity and quality.

We are in the heart of the Vega Baja, in Alicante, in a central rural area and within driving distance of cities such as Alicante, Murcia, Elche and Torrevieja. With the benefits of the quality of life and peace of mind of a rural area we are also a short distance from the beach. Between the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, are two of the most beautiful coastal areas of the country: Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. Bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean, enjoying more than 450 km of coastline with stunning beaches and coves with calm waters and soft sands.

Costa Blanca


A few kilometers from the Mediterranean, Catral combines all the advantages of it´s benign climate and idiosyncrasy. Villa nestled in the heart of the Vega Baja del Segura, has managed, without losing its personality of traditional Orchard, to evolve into the new demands for quality of life demanded by the visitor. Monumental tradition, parties, culture, facilities, services, gastronomy, large residential areas, nature trails, native products are, among many others, reason that motivate to feel happy in this land.

A few kilometers from the Mediterranean, Catral combines all the advantages of it´s benign climate and idiosyncrasy. Villa nestled in the heart of the Vega Baja del Segura, has managed, without losing its personality of traditional Orchard, to evolve into the new demands for quality of life demanded by the visitor. Monumental tradition, parties, culture, facilities, services, gastronomy, large residential areas, nature trails, native products are, among many others, reason that motivate to feel happy in this land.


Between the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, are two of the most beautiful coastal areas of the country: Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida. Bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterraneas, are altogether more than 450 km of coastline with stunning beaches and coves with calm waters and soft sands.


Catral is very well connected with the main cities of the province of Alicante and Murcia. We are 15 minutes from Torrevieja or Elche and 25 minutes from the international airport of el Altet in Alicante and 25 minutes to Alicante or Murcia cities.


Alicante has a modern airport situated in the Altet opened in March 2011. That airport has all the facilities to provide pleasant travel procedures during your visit. It is accessible by land through transport from Elche and Alicante by taxi and train. They operate more than 35 airlines that unite us with the major countries of Europe, including the most important such as Aerlingus, AirLingus, AirBerlin, Iberia and Easyjet.


Vega Baja area is dominated by the Mediterranean climate, but the area is mainly dry. Mediterranean climate is characterized by mild winters and hot summers, with highs of 30 and even 35 and 40 degrees in the innermost areas. As its name indicates precipitations are very scarce, there being no more than 400 millimeters per year. The rainfalls, which are almost always in the form of showers, are concentrated in spring and autumn.

Designer Luxury Villas

Description of Villas Luxury

We are building a new kind of luxury home. Houses providing modern living with lots of natural light. Ecological homes with many extras available. Fully domotized, everything easily controlled by one single touchscreen or Ipad.

High level of security with the latest security system.

Create your stunning designer home with the help of our architects team and interior designers.

Our base project includes 327 square metres house on two levels, on a minimum plot of 10,000 square metres. Check out all the pictures and plans.

For more information please contact us.

Remember the benefits of buying:

  1. Make your reservations for viewing arrangements directly with the promoter.
  2. Possibility of financing up to 40% of the property value. Mortgages available subject to status.
  3. Deal directly with ourselves and receive individual personalized treatment.
  4. Airport transfer service can be provided.
  5. We will be flexible to suit your schedule.

Contact Us

Email – [email protected]
Phone – (+34) 965.723.310 – (+34) 966.787.764
Fax – (+34) 965.723.310 – (+34) 966.787.764
Avenida de la Constitución nº 175
03158 Catral (Alicante) Spain


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Toronto Custom Home Builders – Sina Sadeddin

About Us

Sina Architectural Design is a Toronto based group of architects, builders, designers and supporting staff . It was founded in 2004 by the influential and published builder and architect Sina Sadeddin. The firm has established a national reputation as a leading design firm with extensive and varied experience in both public and private commissions. The firm is recognized for creating innovative and environmentally conscious infrastructure that is individually tailored to each client and great for the community.

Sina Sadeddin received his Bachelor of Architectural Science from Ryerson University and his Interior Design certificate from the International Academy of Design and technology. The firm is also a member of Tarion. Mr. Sadeddin is well known for his inventive use of space, light and natural materials. With over two decades in the field of architecture, Sina Sadeddin applies a wide range of principles to his work in order to create sustainable and efficient infrastructure that is also tasteful and timeless.

Our Vision

We always take the necessary steps in considering every detail and element to ensure the design showcases every aspect of the final product, whether it be a luxury custom home or a 60 floor condominium with mixed-use commercial space. Each client has their own specific timeline and expectations, that is why the process of workflow is always initiated by the client and then thoroughly assessed. Once a timeline is outlined and the site plan is approved the working drawings begin. The working drawings are the site plan, plans, reflected ceiling plans, wall sections and other necessary project details. Each project is a process of constant collaborative exchange between firm and client from initial inquiry to well beyond project completion. To ensure the successful completion of every project, our president is directly involved and oversees every project through from start to finish.

We bring a diverse portfolio with LEED certified buildings and decades of experience in commercial, industrial, recreational, educational, residential and retail architecture. The bulk of our portfolio, but not limited to, is made up of luxury custom homes and condominium developments. We connect on a personal level with all of our projects from initial concept and planning through design, construction, and commissioning. We are versed in all fields of architecture, including interior design, urban planning, landscape design, product design, construction, development, financial planning, research and development.

Toronto Custom Home Builders

Our custom home builders craft beautiful homes that are meticulously designed for you down to each and every unique detail. Our team consists of architects, interior designers and planners, contractors, and development partnerships.

We handle every aspect of building your custom home. We’re a full service firm that will take care of everything, from real estate, architectural design, permitting, demolition, engineering and right down to interior design. Worrying about hiring and vetting multiple contractors and trades can be stressful, but we take care of all of that for you, streamlining the building process.

We know that the key to enjoying a beautiful custom built home is making sure your aesthetic and style is reflected in every room and detail. From ultra modern to traditional, Sina Architectural Design can do it all. As custom home builders, our job is to create a house that reflects the personality and soul of the people living in it. Let us architecturally express who you really are.

How long does it take to build a custom home in Toronto?

The average time for a custom home to be completed is a year and a half to two years. On average it’s 4-6 months for the pre-construction phase, 6 months to a year for the construction phase, and 1-2 weeks for the post-construction phase. Variables like weather, delays, changes, size, and design will all impact the timeline though.

An important step to building a home is making sure you have enough time for it. The timeline for building a custom home in Toronto can vary depending on a number of things. Delays, weather, level of detail, and size can all influence how long it will take. Knowing a rough estimate of how long a home will take is important to determine if it’s the right choice for you and your family. Here is everything you need to know about how long it takes to build a home in the GTA.

Architectural Design

All of the designers, architects and builders that work at Sina Architectural Design are fully trained and highly specialized in their field of work.

From start to finish, top to bottom, your home will be built from the best quality materials with the highest quality workmanship. From the outside in, we make sure that your home has the best architectural design. Through our planning process we get to know you personally so that your home can reflect your personality and tastes. Whether you’re into ultra modern or prefer the more traditional styles, we make sure to capture that in the architectural details and designs of your home. Every step of the architectural design process is about you.

The exterior design of your home is an important first impression. Stonework exteriors are both classic and modern, a solid pick if you want your home to look timeless. Clean lines and bold, stark color choices scream modern, which have been proven to fit very well into neighborhoods that had more traditional feels. Even the smallest architectural details bring together the feel of your home. Windows, front doors, driveways and even address numbers make all the difference.
Interior architectural design is just as important as the outside, if not more. Your home is where you spend more of your time and you want it to be inspirational as well as practical and functional. We’ll work to make sure your home as the best layout for your family and lifestyle, whether it’s the trendy open-concept or a more traditional sectioned off the layout. The small details of crown molding, ceiling design and paint color all add to your home’s aesthetic. The choice of materials can also elevate the subtle architectural design of your home. Cabinets, counter tops and plumbing finishes will all compliment the design.

At Sina Architectural Design we believe in collaboration. Your ideas are the inspiration for our architectural designs. You will personally approve every detail, material and design. Whether it’s a remodel or a full custom build, we want to make sure your house is a home. With staff specialized in every aspect of architectural design, from landscaping to interior, we guarantee we can make your dream home a reality. Let us guide you through the entire architectural design process, from conception, through construction and to final completion.

Luxury Custom Homes By Sina Sadeddin

What sets a luxury custom home builder apart from others? It’s the quality and level of details.

Words like “standard” and “average” aren’t used instead think “unique” and “luxurious”. Every last detail of your custom home will be meticulously designed and executed by our team of trained, trusted architects, designers and contractors.

Here at Sina Architectural Design we handle every aspect of building your luxury custom home. We’re a full service firm that will take care of everything, from real estate, architectural design, permitting, demolition, engineering and right down to interior design. Worrying about hiring and vetting multiple contractors and trades is stressful but luckily we take care of all of that for you, streamlining the building process.

We know that the key to enjoying a beautiful custom home is making sure your aesthetic and style is reflected in every room and detail. From ultra modern to traditional, Sina Architectural Design can do it all. As custom homebuilders, our job is to create a house that reflects the personality and soul of the people living in it. Let us architecturally express who you really are.

The first step to building a luxury custom home is to make your wish list. No item is too big or small. Your home should be a place of comfort, safety and inspiration for you and your family. Places like Pinterest, Instagram or Houzz are great to browse and gain new ideas. No design idea is too crazy or impossible. Mixing needs and wants to produce a luxury home that is practical and functioning for you and your family is what we do best.

Inspiration, ideas and style are nothing if they’re not executed properly. At Sina Architectural Design we involve you in every step of the home building process so that we can guarantee your perfect, custom design comes across. Every project we do is a collaborative effort between you and us. As luxury homebuilders we only use the best quality materials available. You can choose among the finest stones for your counters and the highest quality wood for your floors.

In addition to being custom and luxury home builders, we specialize in designing LEED certified homes and buildings. Sina Architectural Design makes homes that are not only good looking, but good for the environment too. Going green is a trend that will never go out of style. Building energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the luxury of your home. If anything it means you’ll be getting even better quality products that will last even longer.

At Sina Architectural Design we will work tirelessly to provide you with the custom luxury home of your dream. Every step of the process will be managed by us with direct input and approval from you, our client. We will work to include every design request, idea or inspiration into your home. Here at Sina Architectural Design we don’t just build custom and luxury houses, we build homes.

Contact Us

Sina Architectural Design- 4789 Yonge St. #1212- Toronto, Ontario- M2N 0G3

Tel: 647-500-9591

[email protected]


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Custom Luxury Mansions in Miami


Pioneer Architecture, LLC is an architecture, design and planning firm based in Miami, Florida, that specializes in one-of-a-kind, individually tailored high-end single family residential projects that are unique for every client. Our work is grounded in the principle of aesthetic harmony—balancing form and function with the immutable ideal of spiritual and spatial congruence.


At Pioneer Architecture, LLC, we specialize in building and designing one-of-a-kind homes for our clients, focusing on high-end single family residential projects. Our work is grounded on creating lavish interiors and exteriors of homes to fulfill the visions of our clients. The core to our designs is creating aesthetically harmonious projects that are fully functional as well.


At Pioneer Architecture, LLC, we are experienced in building diverse homes that suit the needs of our clients. Our past designs showcase a range of the Modern, Transitional, and Tropical architecture styles as well as others too. We believe that no home should be the same, as all our clients are different. Thus, we custom-tailor our architectural designs to suit our clients specifications and desires. Luckily at Pioneer, clients are involved throughout the project with the help of our, ensuring the creation of their dream home.


At Pioneer Architecture, LLC, we excel in focusing on the intricate details of design for both the interiors and exteriors of our homes. We take into account every detail no matter how miniscule, including faucet handles, light fixtures, pool tiles, cabinet hardware and mirrors. We work closely with our clients when making these design decisions to ensure that even the miniscule design elements fulfill their vision.

luxury mansions

At Pioneer Group, we use our more than 20 years of inside building and real estate expertise to match you with your ideal luxury mansion in Miami.

Our Custom Luxury Mansions in Miami

When working with Pioneer Group’s experienced architectural and design team, you’ll be receiving the full package of our services including:

● Project analysis

● Architectural programming

● Cost and budget analysis

● Plans processing and permitting services

Cost Development & Analysis for Your Miami Luxury Home

What makes Pioneer Group stand apart from many other local Miami contractors is our ability to provide you with in-depth cost analysis and budget suggestions.

Our extensive library of present and actual costs details every aspect of the building process including:

  • Plumbing
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Hardware
  • Roofing
  • Carpentry

Benefit from Our Purchasing Sources

Part of the advantage of trusting the Pioneer Group with your luxury home construction services is that our customers are able to select all the details that go into the homes. This not only gives them a hand in the selection process of every aspect of their project, but it also makes it easier to stay within budget.

Miami Luxury Home Options

When it comes to constructing or locating a mansion for sale in Miami, no request is too big or small for the Pioneer Group.

We’re equipped to handle everything, including:

  • Extended Square Footage:

Our team has built over 300,000 square-feet of luxury mansions in the Miami area. Our portfolio of homes ranges anywhere from 6,000 to more than 19,000 square feet.

  • Unmatched Style:

Pioneer Group’s designs emphasize aesthetics and functional symmetry to create the perfect balance between beauty and utility. Everything in your project, from the doorknobs to its exterior, is selected with your direct input.

  • Comprehensive Design Services:

The holistic design services we offer spans the gamut of everything, including analysis, 3D rendering, architectural programming and design, and site assessment.

luxury waterfront homes in Miami

When it comes to constructing Miami luxury waterfront homes, Pioneer Group has made a name for itself in the industry.

Miami Luxury Waterfront Home Options

One of the foremost reasons why many choose to work with Pioneer Group is that no request is too big or small for our experienced team.

We handle a variety of needs when building and designing our luxury waterfront homes in Miami, including:

  • Unmatched Style:

Our designs emphasize aesthetics and symmetry to create the perfect harmony of beauty and balance. You select everything from the cabinet handles to the siding on a home’s exterior.

  • Design Services:

We offer comprehensive design services including analysis, 3D rendering, architectural programming and design, site assessments and more.

  • Extended Square Footage:

We’ve constructed homes ranging anywhere from 6,000 to more than 19,000 square feet. In the past two decades, Pioneer Group has built over 300,000 square-feet of luxury mansions in the Dade County area.

  • Luxury Waterfront Works of Art:

Do you have an artistic or design vision you want to bring to life? Pioneer Group enables you to make your luxury waterfront property into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

  • Green Design:

Because your Miami luxury waterfront home will also be part of the surrounding eco-landscape, Pioneer Group builds their homes with economic and environmental sustainability in mind. This means all of our materials are eco-friendly and designed to capitalize on energy costs.

Cost Development & Analysis for Your Luxury Waterfront Home

Pioneer Group is able to provide in-depth cost analyses and down-to-the dollar data for nearly every step of the building and design process, making them stand out from many other local luxury home contractors.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Plumbing
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Hardware
  • Roofing
  • Carpentry

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Contact Us

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About Us

Valleymede Homes was founded by Toronto born Paul Miklas. As a young student Paul began working for his father Dusty Miklas during his summer holidays on a land survey crew. This experience ignited a desire to learn all aspects of the building industry.
From a rod man, to a labourer, to a framing carpenter then an Assistant Site Supervisor for Canada’s Largest Home builder Green Park Homes. At the age of 23, Paul became the youngest Site Supervisor for a Canadian builder. It didn’t take Paul long to apply his knowledge and experience of the Land Development and Construction Industry and start his own business. At 26 years old Paul established his first company, Valleymede Building Corporation. At that time, Paul recognized that there was a significant market for finishing basements and seized the opportunity.

Paul’s reputation grew rapidly and in no time he propelled himself into the custom home building business. Paul’s dreams of becoming a production home builder were realized in the early 90’s and continued to the late 90’s at which time he transitioned to the high-end custom home market.

Today, Valleymede Building AMA Corporation has developed into one of Canada’s most exclusive high-end building companies with nine projects in the prestigious Bridle Path area in Toronto. Along with designing and building beautiful homes on the most valuable properties in the city, Valleymede has expanded into Retail Commercial Development. In addition, Paul has produced his own television program, Mansion, on HGTV. The series featured magnificent homes built by Valleymede


“We invite you to discover the superior elegance and high quality craftsmanship expressed in every home we build.” Every home is uniquely designed and detailed to suit the lifestyle of each client. Owner, Paul Miklas has been a respected name in building luxury dream homes for over 20 years. The spectacular mansions built by his company, Valleymede Homes have become legendary in the exclusive Bridal Path area of Toronto, Ontario.

Paul Miklas is passionate about his work and loves to share his ideas and the knowledge he has gained from building many custom luxury homes in Canada over the years. Watch the videos on this website and experience how each step of a multi-million dollar home is built from sketches to awe-inspiring completion. Paul’s charisma and genuine excitement for building mansions is engaging and fun to watch. As host of Mansions, a TV show on HGTV, he showed us a unique perspective of the exciting world of high-end construction with last minute changes and the dramas in dealing with demanding clients.

Now in his series of videos made for the web he can show us each step of custom luxury home building in great detail. You’ll see how an incredible large scale fireplace is carved and constructed, an elaborate balustrade is made, the creation of amazing wrought iron railings for a Hollywood style staircase. You will experience truly inspiring unique ideas in the building of a 32,000 square foot mansion worth more than $25 million.

Wine cellars and gymnasiums are basic necessities for the home buyers of this scale. To deliver a wow factor on these mansions Paul comes up with amazing, opulent features like a private movie theatre, a wine tasting room, indoor pool, masseuse room and even a car wash. These luxury homes are topped off with jaw-dropping features like grand wrought iron entry gates, circular driveway, gorgeous water fountain, a spectacular domed foyer the extends to a solarium at the rear of the house, gourmet kitchen, walnut-panelled study and a lavish backyard.

“Our clients want the very best. They’ve worked very hard. They’ve been successful in business and they want their home to be an extension of their business.” Many of the projects have been in the exclusive Bridle Path neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario where the lots are a standard two acres and available land is scarce. “Immigration has been fuelling the demand for property, Paul says, and most undeveloped land has been snapped up causing the lots to double in price in recent years.” He keeps his “ear to the ground” for available high-demand land for building large scale custom homes.

Paul began helping his father out on construction sites as young as 12 years old. He built his first home in 1998 – a 2,300 square foot home that sold for $260,000. The spectacular results from each project along the way brought him to where he is today building luxury homes worth more than $20 million. It can take 2 years or more to build these enormous, detailed custom homes and takes passion and determination to take these stunning luxury homes to their grand completion. The gratification Paul gets from the home buyers excited reaction the their new dream home is indescribable and so satisfying it makes him want to do it again and again.

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. To make this notice easy to find, we make it easily accessible on our website.

Our Commitment To Childrens Privacy

Protecting the privacy of the very young is especially important. For that reason, Valleymede Homes will never collect or maintain information at our website from those we actually know are under 18, and no part of our website is structured to attract anyone under 18.
Under our Terms of Service, children under 18 are not allowed to access our service.

Collection of Personal Information

When visiting Valleymede Homes, the IP address used to access the site will be logged along with the dates and times of access. This information is purely used to analyze trends, administer the site, track users movement and gather broad demographic information for internal use. Most importantly, any recorded IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.

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Contact Us

18 Wynford Drive, Unit 603
Toronto, ON M3C 3S2
Phone: 416-385-3000
Fax: 416-385-3444


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SKR Homes- Custom Home

About SKR

SKR Homes founder Rami Katzav has been around homes and building sites from a very early age. The son of a highly respected builder who created luxury homes in the family’s native Israel, he learned at an early age that creating a truly first-class home goes beyond luxury finishes, important as those are. It’s equally about attention to technical detail, and using care to choose only the best quality materials—and above all, taking the time to make sure that each and every step of the complicated process of creating a custom luxury home is carefully and expertly managed.

Since SKR’s founding 25 years ago, each new custom home we build is as personal for us as it is for our clients. We only build a few homes at a time, in order to assure the highest level of attention to detail. In fact, our goal is to ensure that you are always fully informed and as comfortable as possible, every step of the way, as the testimonials from a few of our many satisfied clients will demonstrate. In this way, SKR offers more than Toronto’s finest luxury custom homes—we offer peace of mind.

Luxury Home Architect

There is a famous quote that says a man travels all over the world in search of what he needs only to find it at home. Simply put, there is no place like home. A home is the culmination of years of dreams and hopes, sacrifices and efforts to finally have a place you can raise your family and call home.

Any person who gets a chance to build a home should consider themselves lucky because they participate in the creation of something great. The process begins when you contact a home builder of repute, one you can trust to work on your lifetime dreams. It is not easy to settle on one, but when you do, the builder has to be exceptional to be worthy of your trust. But before the builder has an opportunity to lay the foundation, you have to work with a dreamer in the form of a luxury home architect.

SKR are the leading luxury home builders in Toronto and its environs. With a rich experience spanning a quarter of a century, outstanding luxury homes proudly dotting Toronto’s residential areas, working with SKR will open the door to inspiring possibilities. Having worked with many top international luxury home architects, SKR homes are best placed to recommend an architect that will work on your dream house. One of the most important factors in the selection of a luxury home architect is the ability of the architect to identify with your dream.

This is important because a good architect understands that no matter how much success they may have had in the past, the excellence has to be matched in every project. To achieve this requires the architect to forget what they know and focus on what the client wants created. Only then can the creativity take over to improve on the dreams of the client and give their dreams a practical and dimensional form.

Having good technical skills is only a part of the package. You should be grateful when you get a luxury home architect who understands the business side of the building. For a builder to be able to produce the perfect home, the architect must produce a sound and practical plan that meets all building requirements. An impractical flaw in the design that may force the builder to make an alteration is not only costly but may also lead to unnecessary delays in the completion of the project.

Fortunately, SKR homes have been in the building business for long and are bound to identify when the creativity of the architect goes overboard. It is therefore important to find a luxury home architect who not only has a great rapport with you, but also with the builder. The project implementation works flawlessly if the builder has the necessary information on the type of materials to use.

This allows an experienced builder like SKR homes enough time to source for the specialist materials that may have to be transported from far or even sourced overseas. If you are fortunate enough to have a team of a brilliant builder working closely with an exceptional luxury home architect, your home dreams will be well and truly alive.

Custom Builder

Going through life has many joys and challenges. It presents us with many possibilities and options to choose from. One of the biggest achievements is building a dream home. For many people it remains just that, a dream. For the people who are able to live their dream, the satisfaction of the accomplishment gives them special joy. If you plan to construct your ideal house, working with an experienced custom builder is the first step in living your dream. It is important to entrust the building of your precious house to people who will deliver the exact specifications required.

SKR homes have been in the business of building custom homes for clients with a diverse range of needs and styles. The company has specialized in luxury homes ranging from modern, classic or professional. The company takes pride in first understanding the exact needs of the client before commencing on a project. A client is provided with an expert quote that caters for the entire project, eliminating hidden costs. With a rich experience spanning 25 years, it has built the dreams of many satisfied clients. The company further understands that a home is not just the physical structure but the little things within it that give it character and satisfy the residents. This is the reason it has chosen to specialize as a custom builder.

Working with the most innovative designers and builders, the company specializes in bringing to life the desires of the client. It is able to deliver on modern eco-friendly designs or elegant classical designs. It does this by using only the best materials which are sourced from all over the world. Dream luxury homes require the best finishing and the company ensures the clients get the best. To ensure attention to detail and a personal touch, the company only takes up a few projects at a time. This strategy ensures that the selected homes receive close supervision from senior builders throughout the construction. The project manager is always in touch with the client to appraise them on the progress as well as take any input regarding special requests.

The Toronto luxury market home will never be the same thanks to the presence of the leading custom builder, SKR homes.

Custom build home Toronto

When a great team of a leading architect, innovative designer and a demanding home owner meet, the result is a fantastic display of the finest modern architecture. With many custom homes Toronto, new home owners are now looking for that extra edge to set their house apart. There is one outstanding house on Thornbank Road that is the creation of top designer Jeffrey Douglas and leading architect Stan Makow that has always attracted a lot of attention. The 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom house inspired by Frank Llyod Wright is an example of modern architecture translating into highly inviting, liveable spaces.

Working with SKR homes, the well known Custom build home Toronto, the team put in their best effort. The owners of the house are well travelled and happen to be fans of modern architecture and contemporary designs from all over the world. They wanted a house with clean lines yet warm that did not feel like they were living in an art gallery. According to a co-listing agent Daniel Pustil, the staircase is one of the most appealing features of the house. ‘’It is one of the most elaborately conceived elements in the house, rising in a smooth coil from the lower level’’.

Two listing agents describe the family room as their favorite. Darren Slavens of Slavens and Associates real estate describes it as ‘’a cutaway border runs around the outer wall around the windows, about a foot or two below the ceiling. This visually brings the ceiling down to a more humane level without compromising its expansive feeling’’. He further describes the hearth which is classic wright has rough stone cladding that continues through the wall from inside to outside as exceptional. There is a water feature at the foyer that has a narrow stainless steel frame with glass and pebbles at the bottom to greet visitors on arrival.

Custom houses Toronto do not come any better than this with many luxury features that include a home theatre, a wine cellar, dog shower, exercise room, a music system and a secret room. Other special features include a fully treed lot with a salt-water pool and spa as well as a basketball court. Built in 2005, this house sitting on a landscaped 100×300 foot property house has hosted some of the most famous parties. It has also been featured in numerous commercials and continues to be a favorite location for movie shoots and the police drama series Flashpoint.

A visitor to the house is pleasantly surprised by view through the large windows across the back of the house. It looks like the team that does the best custom houses Toronto totally delivered on this project. Designer Jeffrey Douglas and architect Stan Makow ended up creating a masterpiece that defines contemporary designs in Toronto.

Contact Us

Tel 416.227.7700


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Lusso Homes- Luxury Residential Developer

About Us

Lusso Homes is an established multi award winning luxury residential developer based in Weybridge, Surrey. Building beautiful homes across South West London and the Home Counties private clients seeking a bespoke design and build service and for sale to discerning buyers. Our extensive portfolio of developments includes luxurious apartment buildings through to expansive mansions within prestigious private estates. The Lusso Brand has become renowned for creative, Innovatively designed homes built to the very highest standards and continues to lead the field within the luxury house building sector.


At Lusso Homes we have a specialised private client team dedicated to assisting families who wish to have a brand new home designed and built to their specific requirements. Clients benefit from our tried, tested and established working relationships including award winning first class architects and interior designers to provide a complete, one stop shop, turn key solution.

We have an extensive network of land agents and other introducers who work with our professional land department. This enables us to assist private clients with finding the best, most suitable plot opportunities. We then provide a comprehensive financial appraisal of project and assist our clients negotiate the best price. The next steps include designing the perfect new home taking in to account each individual clients needs and preferences. Once a design has been agreed, our land team will oversee the planning process until detailed permission has been obtained.

Our construction team then get to work building the project out using only the best sub contractors and suppliers who we have worked with time and time again. This ensures the project runs to schedule and top quality finishes are achieved throughout.

Once our clients have moved in, our specialist property management team will continue to look after the property including an extensive snagging process and if required ongoing cleaning and other maintenance services.


To maximise the true value of your property or land through re-development, you need a partner with a proven track record in obtaining full yet appropriate planning consents in your area. At Lusso Homes we are proud to have some of the industries most talented individuals on our team who work with clients throughout this process.

Contact Us

Abbey House-Wellington Way-Weybridge, Surrey-KT13 0TT

Tel: 01932 858580


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Luxury Custom Homes – Armstrong Builders

About Armstrong Builders

At Armstrong Builders, we believe that our customers shouldn’t have to pay extra for high quality – they should expect it.

We build luxury custom homes of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Every new home is approached with our caring spirit, reflected in every component of our unique building process.

Our dedication to your satisfaction starts with your hunt for the perfect house and extends through each year in your home. As one of Hawaii’s leading homebuilders, Armstrong goes far beyond building homes with unmatched quality, premier craftsmanship, and an unrivaled customer experience.

Resort Communities

Armstrong Builders is known for developing and building high quality luxury developments throughout Hawaii.

We have developed and constructed a number of successful luxury and resort communities throughout the state, including award-winning luxury projects Turtle Bay Ocean Villas, Kai Malu at Wailea, and Kai Lani at Ko‘olina.

We ensure that our resort communities are a positive addition to their surrounding localities. For nearly 40 years we have proven our commitment to excellence in quality, innovation and creativity. We build long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and trade partners, and we are committed to building your trust.

Sustainable and Market Communities

As leaders in residential development, we are dedicated to providing affordable housing options for working families at all income levels without sacrificing our promise to create high quality homes and communities.

Armstrong Builders is also a leader in Hawaii’s sustainable development industry with LEED accredited architects and engineers.

We have the expertise and experience to carry out a “green” approach for your building project. Sustainable homes create less waste, use less energy, water and natural resources, and are more durable and comfortable for occupants.

Green Building Professionals

Our team includes 5 LEED accredited professionals. In decisions both small and large, we can help make your project more environmentally friendly so that your building costs less to operate and maintain, and is in alliance with our environment and Hawaii’s natural resources.

Armstrong Development

Armstrong Development is a developer-builder with long roots in Hawaii. We build what we develop, and we stand by what we build. Our successful developments have been built on our ability to create exceptional communities that:

  • Meet clear needs and markets
  • Fits with Hawaii’s unique culture and lifestyle; and
  • Are financially viable.

We bring Armstrong team’s diverse yet complementary strengths in the areas of land planning, development, design, finance, sales and marketing, and construction to all of our development projects.

Trusted Partners

We value our exceptional partners and are committed to building on these successful long-term relationships with:

  • Landowners who looked to us to create and manage successful joint venture development projects
  • Designer and consultant teams
  • Lenders and other sources of capital that helped finance our track record of success
  • Contractors and vendors to deliver exceptional quality

Improving Communities Across the Islands

Our development projects have contributed directly to the surrounding communities with contributions for park improvements, school renovations, homeless and transitional housing, and historical and cultural preservation. The developments also help fund the Armstrong Foundation, which regularly contributes to a broader range of charitable causes and organizations.

Armstrong Design Group

Armstrong Design provides top-notch design assistance from qualified professionals in the fields of design and architecture. The team is comprised of two licensed architects and two draftsmen/designers.

Available for in-house projects, Armstrong Design is responsible for the design of all Armstrong design-build home projects, collaborations with outside architects on Armstrong’s custom homes and commercial projects, and coordination of the design consultants on all Armstrong development projects.

Through design and architecture, we work to capture and interpret our client’s vision, offering unparalleled design solutions to meet their unique needs with clarity, thoughtfulness, and excellence. Our scope of work includes permitting, drawings, plans and construction management.

Gary Herald is the head of Armstrong Design and has been the principal architect since 1985.


Build Your Career With Us!

Now seeking qualified candidates to join our team of highly successful and dedicated construction specialists for our multifaceted projects. Past projects have included the Gateway at Mililani Mauka, the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) atop Mount Haleakala on Maui; the drive-through Starbucks at Kahala Mall and numerous luxury homes and residential communities.


Project Superintendent
The Superintendent will be responsible for all job site activities performed by Armstrong Builders employees, trade partners, vendors and suppliers. In addition, he or she will be responsible for monitoring schedules, job site documentation, safety, quality control, cost report review and take off/shop drawing review.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Journeyman level carpenter
  • Experienced in high end residential
  • Excellent working knowledge of construction procedures, building systems and tools
  • Ability to solve problems and work under pressure
  • Excellent knowledge at reading plans, shop drawings and specifications
  • Ability to effectively communicate with workers and trades
  • Team player with positive attitude

Project Engineer
The Project Engineer assists the Project Superintendents and Project Managers in preparing reports, sub contracts, and overall support the managers in every aspect of each project. Attention to detail and excellent communications skills are a must.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Engineering or Project Management degree preferred
  • Excellent working knowledge of construction procedures, building systems and tools
  • Ability to solve problems and work under pressure
  • Knowledgeable at reading plans, shop drawings and specifications
  • Excellent math and computer skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate with workers and trades

Contact Us

Oahu Office

80 Sand Island Access Rd. Suite 209
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 848-2484
[email protected]
(808) 842-0527

Maui Office
115 E Lipoa St. #206
Kihei, HI 96753
(808) 856-7597


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Luxury Homes Design In South Barrington-Vintage Luxury Homes

Leading Innovation & Cutting Edge Design

Pushing the boundaries of Luxury Home Design.
It’s all about delivering the WOW factor with avant-garde design, artistry, and breath-taking technology and automation. In an ever-evolving industry, we are always on the cusp of innovation and incorporate these refinements into each home we build.

Here are some of the fantastic home automations we offer:

  • AprilAire®: Benefit from convenience, energy savings, and total indoor comfort. With this WiFi thermostat app you control your home’s temperature, humidity levels, air purity, and air freshness (even when you are not at home!) – Visit Website
  • ADT: The ADT Pulse® app allows homeowners to arm and disarm their security system, control lights, and temperature or watch security video from anywhere. You can even lock your doors from your tablet or smartphone. – Visit Website
  • Lutron: Save energy with unparalleled total home control. The exclusive Lutron® home system prvovides control of all your lights and seamlessly integrates with other manufacturers systems. With Lutron® you are investing in a system that can pay for itself because it saves you bundles of energy. – Visit Website
  • Crestron: Imagine being in total control of your home on any device, anywhere in the world. With Crestron® you can monitor and control lights, media, climate, security, plus lots more from a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection – all this control at the touch of a button (it’s even on Apple Watch!). – Visit Website
  • Apple: Apple manufactures product systems in sync with other companies, room and weather sensors, lights, security, and all electronic entertainment systems (TV and music). – Visit Website

Our Approach

As custom luxury home designers and builders, we guide you through every step of the home building process.

Building Foundations

Right off the cuff, it is our aim to cement deep relationships with you so we can build a house that reflects your family’s passions and lifestyle.

Say “goodbye” to the conventional home-building process and “hello” to care, precision, and a truly custom project. Our first step is to get to know you as an individual and capture the essence of what constitutes the home of your dreams. We strive to make your home an extension of your personality and somewhere you want to spend the majority of your time.

In this phase we take the time to peer into your vision, and offer a few suggestions of our own through a collaborative brainstorming session. Then we explain how the process will go, and discuss the particulars, such as the size, number of bedrooms, entertainment features, and any other customized components.

We provide a short questionnaire that enables you to express your thoughts and ideas. Then it is time to design!

Design & Innovation

Through a collaborative brainstorming session, we put pen to paper to begin sketching your new home.

During this stage, we piece together your home and give you a picture of how we will take your ideas (along with ours) and bring them to fruition.

The design process allows us to show you the custom features of your home and how we will implement them to make your house truly different.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

We Have It Covered

We only work with experienced contractors and quality materials to bring your designs from blueprints to reality.

No Compromise

Your satisfaction is important to us so we continue to provide feedback, make enhancements, and implement new ideas during the construction process.

Smooth Sailing

We work within your budget and timeframe, and our relationship is based on mutual trust and confidence.

Contact Us

Vintage Luxury Homes
100 West Higgins Rd, Ste H-70
South Barrington, IL 60010

Phone: 847-844-9500


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Home Builders In Arkansas


LaBlonde Development provides the most comprehensive and efficient construction management service in the Scottsdale/Cave Creek area. More than 350 families have entrusted Tom LaBlonde with the construction of their custom home. What matters most to us is the complete satisfaction of each and every LaBlonde client.


We are committed to ensuring the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including attention to detail and service-minded attitudes. From the exterior and interior, landscape and hardscape, from foundation to fine-details, our ability to implement your unique design ideas is virtually boundless.


Ranked “Number One Custom Home Builder” by Arizona Business Magazine’s Ranking Arizona in 2002, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2017. With cutting-edge design, top-quality construction and superb attention to detail, LaBlonde Development is a well-established company with a long tradition of building premier custom homes. Call today to see how we can help create your dream home in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.



With three decades of experience, nearly 400 homes built in the Scottsdale/Cave Creek area, and a reputation for excellence, Thomas J. LaBlonde Jr. is considered the premier home builder in Arizona. Tom holds a masters degree in International Business and Finance from the American Graduate School of International Business (“The Thunderbird”), is a NCARB registered architect, and has held a real estate license for 38 years.

By combining experience and education, Tom provides his clients with an incomparable perspective to home building, offering fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service. Tom is a unique homebuilder in the sense that with him you will receive a “triple threat offense”. He can help you find and buy the perfect home site for your new residence, design the home to your budget, build it to your specifications and dreams, while helping you to put the appropriate finance package together. At LaBlonde Development our mission is to deliver a beautifully inspired custom home with limitless possibilities, while embracing the timeless business principals of efficiency, quality and integrity.



Located in the prestigious Troon area of North Scottsdale, with breathtaking views of the McDowell and Mazatzal Mountains, the gated community of Cantabrica Estates offers eight estate-sized lots. While just a short distance from all that the cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix have to offer, Cantabrica delivers a prestigious lifestyle alongside the tranquility and serenity of an inspired setting. The Mediterranean style inspired homes in this community are designed to have multiple additional structures such as a pool house, gate house and guest casita.


One of the finest communities in Cave Creek, Arizona, Continental Mountain Estates delivers thirteen estate-size lots with unobstructed panoramic views of mountains as well as city lights. Giant saguaro cacti, unique to the Sonoran Desert, offer a zen-like connection to nature.

Contact Us

CALL 480-585-1845


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Vlahos & Tuck Construction

We are committed to providing our customers with the very best service and building experience possible, to make their dream projects become reality. We specialize in custom home building, renovations and additions throughout the Orange Beach/Gulf Shore/ Pensacola corridor, and consider no job too small or large for our team. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and strong communication, which allows our customers to stay informed throughout the duration of their project.

Thank you for visiting Vlahos & Tuck Construction.

Gulf Coast Premier Home Design-Build Firm

At Vlahos & Tuck Construction, we utilize the most current technology relevant to your project, at the same time providing you with accessible information and communications that keep you involved throughout the entire process. Your vision, coupled with our staffs’ creativity, expert skill and unmitigated dedication to superior client service, is the perfect approach to turning your vision into reality. We have also found that it’s the perfect approach to adding you to our growing list of happy clients.

We are dedicated to old fashioned quality and concern for the customer. Each client’s home is created with individual and personal attention given to the client’s specific requirements, view corridors, home site layout, location and budget. Our CAD system and digital printing capabilities allow out team to produce the highest quality plans in the Gulf Coast home industry and give our clients the expediency and efficiency they desire when seeing their dream home come to life.

We uniquely unify the linear integration of design services, value engineering, cost schedules and construction under one roof. This allows us to meet building and cost schedules others see as impossible. Proving that dreams can become realities with in the confines of each client’s budget.

We continue to set the benchmark for excellence through meticulous supervision and efficient management with a balance of innovative design, state-of-the-art technologies and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Phillip Vlahos brings over twenty years of hands on design and construction supervision experience.

Vlahos and Tuck has built this company much like he builds his homes, with unending attention to detail while demanding the highest quality in design, craftsmanship and service.


Mailing Address

PO Box 2919
Orange Beach, AL 36561

Office Address

25556 Canal Rd
First National Bank Building 2nd Floor
Orange Beach, AL 36561
Map It


Office: (251) 223-7114


Phillip Vlahos
[email protected]