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At the beginning of the 20th century, the French Riviera was chosen as a destination by aristocracy from around the world discovering, what is undoubtedly, the most beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Enjoying a heritage of sumptuous palaces, dating mainly from the Belle Epoque era, the Riviera is today only two hours flight from most European capitals and, thanks to the Cannes International Film Festival and the visits of endless celebrities, has become the most sought after glamorous destination.

From the Italian Border to St. Tropez, without forgetting the Principality of Monaco, the French Riviera combines sophistication, modernity and natural beauty. Under the auspices of French Senator Pierre Laffitte, Sophia Antipolis, the largest European High Tech Park was developed, playing a strong economic role on the international stage. With significant infrastructure and political stability, the French Riviera continues to attract ever more visitors.

Every year, Nice-Côte d’Azur International Airport welcomes investors seeking secure values and tourists fond of lazy summers, reason for which the Carlton International team headquarters in the heart of this unique region.

Managing Director

Philip Weiser is a multi-lingual New Zealander who has travelled the world. Having completed his studies in Lausanne in Switzerland, he joined an expanding corporation based in New York, with hotels in Bermuda, Mexico and the Bahamas. Subsequently appointed Director of Marketing for a major International Hotel Group with headquarters in London, he discovers the most beautiful locations and most diverse cultures. In central London he creates a company dedicated to the rental of luxury, furnished and serviced apartments. The company enjoyed considerable success as an undeniable alternative to luxury hotels.

In the early 1980s he chose to settle in the South of France and adapted his previous experience to Real Estate on the French Riviera. Participating in the development of the property market for ten years and suffering the collapse in the early 90s, he retained his positive enthusiasm and in 1997, founded the Carlton International, Luxury Real Estate consultancy.

Carlton International

Today, with offices near the coast in Antibes, in the countryside behind Cannes and in St Tropez, Carlton International is known as an emblematic figure in the world of luxury real estate on the French Riviera, offering its services to a sophisticated clientele from around the world, seeking to purchase or rent prestigious and exceptional properties. The company’s team of multilingual consultants is discrete and professional, dedicated to satisfying the needs of discerning clients. Service, is the cornerstone on which Carlton International has been built.


Carlton International has developed its renown through professionalism, innovation, discretion, dynamism and experience. Service is the cornerstone on which its reputation has been built. A strong marketing strategy, tried and perfected internal and external communications techniques, high performance portfolio and client management software, linked to an important Internet presence supported by SEO, search engine optimization technology and expertise.

If you believe your personal or corporate profile coincides with the image of Carlton International, you have an opportunity to adopt the Carlton International Mark, subject to Geographical environment and portfolio status.


Carlton Signature Luxury Interiors

Carlton International has an exclusive selection of superior luxury interior designers to help renovate or decorate your new luxury residential home or holiday villa in the South of France with the best luxury interiors.

Our experienced Interior Design Department can advise on how to best improve the value and comfort of your luxury property investment, including suggestions for colour choice, materials, style and organisation of space. The professional design team will collaborate with partnering companies to pursue an implemented and supervised design project, in line with your wishes and demands above all.

Whether you are looking for a simplistic, modern style, or luxury vintage, the design team at Carlton Signature will be sure to implement your wishes along with their creative imagination to produce a luxurious work of Art.

Frances Hendry, and her team of luxury interior designers are delighted to provide a service tailored to improve the enjoyment of your home and help balance aesthetics and comfort. The design team have over 20 years of experience in designing luxury interiors and during this time, have completed projects in both London and the Cote d’Azur.

If you are looking to renovate or redecorate your new luxury property investment, please do not hesitate in contacting our trusted design partners, Carlton Signature here for more information.

Hotel Brokers for Real Estate Investment on the French Riviera

Carlton International’s real estate investment department creates value by recommending the strategic acquisition of properties which present opportunities for operational, physical and/or functional improvement, throughout the world, with a specific emphasis on the French Riviera and the United States and specialise for those seeking a hotel for sale.

Efficient renovation, creative repositioning, and aggressive property management in areas which demonstrate substantial short and medium term capital appreciation or long term high income return on investment, create a competitive advantage within each market. This task is accomplished with the highest level of integrity by intelligent, experienced, hard-working, and creative consultants who specialise in specific geographical regions and investment opportunities.

Building Land for construction of single or multiple units, subdivision and development

Renovation or restructuring of existing real estate for capital gain or rental return

Hotel development and acquisition

Commercial real estate investment

The Carlton International investment consulting services team comprises professionals experienced in consulting assignments and the acquisition of businesses linked to the hospitality and tourism industries in particular. Our hotel brokers create an environment for real estate investment, by offering a range of services, upstream and downstream, of the value chain of the transaction, for owners and for purchasers.

Technical, financial and fiscal auditing

Business function and real estate evaluation

Recommendations for improvements to justify valuation and investment

Investment profiling evaluation based on specific business specifications

Assistance in the acquisition process, including financing

Senior management search and selection

Department heads and team employment

Implementation of software management tools

Evaluation of post-acquisition performance


National and Regional Hotel Market potential
The second most important tourist destination in the world in terms of attendance, France has about 18,000 ranked hotels with 650,000 beds of which 950 hotels are in the 4 and 5 star luxury categories.

Paris is the prime destination in France, but the French Riviera comes a close second place with its coastal area, outstanding by virtue of its size and diversity.

The region alone accounts for about 2,000 hotels with 68,000 beds or 11 % of the national inventory. There is a greater density than the national average in the luxury category – 235 units including 85 five Star hotels or 32% of all five star hotels in France in 2013.

Carlton International estimates that 15% of the inventory is officially available for purchase for reasons ranging from retirement, to the end of the amortization of the business financing by owners who wish to invest in a larger facility or acquire the freehold asset. This implies the potential availability of 300 hotels in the “Provence” region, not counting tourism residences and other accommodation currently being developed as a hotel for sale, which includes properties such as guest houses and residential suites which compete with traditional hospitality structures.

Carlton International Hotel Investment Consulting Services

Carlton International is positioned in the residential real estate market place with a high net worth international clientele. The hotel investment consulting services department is naturally pointed towards the market for international institutional and private investors who practice real estate investment. Particular interest is shown in the Provence, French Riviera region, with an inventory estimated at 500 hotels of charm and luxury, including 3 star boutique hotels.

Exclusive Luxury Property Management Services

Carlton International, experienced in luxury property management, has a team of professional and dedicated individuals who provide exclusive property management services on the French Riviera.

As looking after a grand luxury estate can be a large undertaking, our managing department is prepared to do all the work in maintaining your luxury home. Our management team is experienced in security, repairs, garden and swimming pool maintenance as well as paying attention to administrative correspondence, managing personnel and preparing your property for your arrival, and the arrival of your guests.

Aimed to provide you with greater comfort and welfare, our property management team is responsible in overseeing all measures necessary to maintain your property in perfect condition.

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