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MV Construction is a full service construction company that offers a broad range of construction and custom home remodeling services. MV Group’s celebrity clientele list is a veritable who’s who of the movers and shakers of South Florida from Miami, Key Biscayne and Fort Lauderdale, including National Hotel chains, Fortune 500 investors, publicly traded REIT, Real Estate Developers, film stars, International entertainment figures, sports celebrities and heads of foreign countries.

Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services range from the creation and preparation of completely furnished turn-key packages to construction, purchases, installation, coordination, and supervision.


MV Group is a one-stop solution to all of your new home construction, home addition, architecture, and home or condo remodeling needs. We can also service your retail, commercial, medical or office build-outs with custom design solutions throughout South Florida from Key Biscayne and Miami to Fort Lauderdale, and our vertically integrated services mean no hassle and no stress for your next big project. Explore our capabilities below.


Construction Management Services

MV Group understands construction from multi-million dollar residential and commercial projects to high-end condominiums, MV Group offers full-service, turnkey results that are unparalleled in the industry. As a licensed general contractor and experienced builders we have established a professional approach to project delivery that brings to the table our wisdom, experience and creativity to build every facet of your vision.

Custom Space Planning & Design

MV Group USA is a full service construction firm that understands being an owner’s representative and the art of solving problems as it relates to the quality of people’s physical environment within a structure.

Our solutions are functional, aesthetically appealing, and will enhance the overall quality of life and culture within the spaces we create.


Full-service, turnkey results … that’s what sets MV Group apart from other design/build firms! We do it all to your specifications; within your time; within your budget.

Partnering with many of Miami’s biggest developers, MV Group is the preferred choice when it comes to architecture design concepts and designing custom build-outs in many of the city’s most iconic towers … Brickell Ave’s Santa Maria, Paramount Bay and downtown Miami’s Opera Tower, to name a few.

Luxury Custom Homebuilder

Building a home can only be described as collaboration between client and architect/designer to create an idea that will later represent one of the biggest investments in a person’s life. Customization is a word that is thrown around much too loosely in almost every aspect of our lives.

MV Group understands that building a new home around an individual takes a dedication that only our company truly encompasses through our multi-level design and construction process.

General Contractor Services

As Miami and Fort Lauderdale General Contractors for numerous projects throughout South Florida from Key Biscayne and Miami to Fort Lauderdale, MV Group’s reputation for quality, safety, as well as the timely and cost effective delivery of projects is well known throughout the industry. MV Group delivers distinction deep-rooted expertise and fresh creativity through multi-dimensional general contracting solutions tailored to each client’s expectations and inspirations.


At MV Group we are committed to green building and sustainability. Our commitment begins with our team, LEED Accredited Professionals from the United States Green Building council (USGBC).

MV Group’s green building commitment emphasizes education and training for all the MV Group staff and we work to improve our ability to deliver green buildings solutions to our clients.

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Luxury Home Builder In Perth-Brooks Construction

About Us

Since our founding in 1977, Brooks Construction has been building a reputation as “The home builders you want to hire in Perth WA.” There are a number of reasons that we stand out from other home builders, including our use of the same trusted workers from one project to the next. While we offer a personalised home building experience, we rely on the skills and experience of our best people to deliver consistent quality workmanship to every project we complete in Perth.

There are many types of professionals that contribute to the completion of luxury homes. The work of each will overlap that of the others to result in the final design and functionality of the various features. A breakdown in communication anywhere along the way can result in a failure of the design or workmanship.

Our experience and that of the people who work with us make it easier to communicate and work as a team throughout every phase of the construction. Our clients will also have the advantage of working with the same person from start to finish. Whether they come with their own design and want custom home builders who can make them a reality or they need to start at the design phase, we are the best choice in luxury home builders for any custom job they want.

Many of the luxury homes we have built are custom 2 storey designs. Homeowners may want 2 storey homes that are designed to optimize space for a small lot in Perth, increase privacy, and enhance livability. An increasing number of people are looking for 2 storey home builders to provide them with the custom designs that will make the most of narrow blocks they have already purchased.

We have the skills and expertise to create aesthetically-pleasing 2 storey home designs that will provide more outside space, incorporate the desired luxury features, and still provide the functionality needed for a luxurious living experience.

The goal of building any personalised home is to implement the features that will accomplish what the homeowner wants. It may mean the architectural feature that will create the perfect display for their favourite piece of art or a spa-like bathroom that will provide them with luxury every day.

We work with clients from design to completion or we just build for those who already have the design they want. Regardless of the scope of the project, we begin each job with the focus on customising the home for the client who is working to create their dream home. We are the top choice in luxury home builders for clients who are building their new home to meet their needs as their lives grow and change.

Home Designs

Few new homeowners are out there looking for a home that is exactly like everyone else’s. They want something that reflects who they are. Brooks Construction are home builders who design modern, architecturally designed, and bespoke homes being sought in Perth today.

Some clients who seek our services have some ideas about what they want in a custom home but they don’t know how to bring the various details into a cohesive home design. We are the home builders who are up to the challenge! The ultimate luxury home begins with an exceptional design. Brooks Construction uses state-of-the-art technology such as Archicad to deliver accurate renders of all the features the client has in mind. Our goal is to create a highly precise house design that is all about the client. When the secret of success is in getting ideas from the client’s imagination onto a piece of paper, we have the skills and the most advanced technology to get the job done.

Hiring home builders to create a unique home that stands out from the others in Perth and reflects the owner inside and out is as much of an artistic process as it is one of functionality. It comes down to creating a home that facilitates a lifestyle that is convenient, comfortable, and anything but ordinary.

We will work from an existing home design or turn ideas and visions into a custom design that is right for the client. No one wants to live in a house that feels like it was built for someone else. At Brooks Construction no one ever has to feel that way again!

Custom Home Builder

As long-time custom home builders, we understand what it takes to make every home something more to the individual than every other existing house in Perth can be. Any house can provide shelter, a place to sleep, and even a place to entertain friends. The difference in a unique home is that every feature inside and outside reflects the lifestyle of the residents. Each and every detail should reflect the tastes, preferences, and personality traits of the person who lives inside its walls.

By definition, no two custom homes in Perth should be exactly the same. Our Initial and construction processes provide us with the opportunities we need to make sure they aren’t.

During the Initial Process, we will work with the client to create the perfect plans for their new home. All of the details will be determined from the location and style of architectural features to the materials used to cover the floors and construct the walls.

Luxury Home Builder

We are complete luxury home builders who use a proven design and construction process to build dream homes in the trendiest spots in Perth. We offer a complete bespoke design service that ensures we start with the perfectly detailed blueprint that will instruct us on how to build the right home. We put our skills and experience to work to provide each client with the features and amenities that complement an affluent lifestyle.

Starting with an exemplary design is the most important step in the overall building process. Every detail needs to be considered, every opportunity taken. Nothing gives us more pleasure or a greater sense of satisfaction than turning a client’s dream home into a reality. We accomplish this by listening to what the client has to say and working with them to translate their ideas into a real working plan.

Our step-by-step design process ensures that we get every detail right from crafting an original design to applying the last drop of paint. The best materials are put to use by skilled craftsmen, many of which we have worked with for years. We know the value of qualified help when it comes to something as significant as building a luxury home. Each of our people will apply the attention to detail that will result in a professional quality job.

Home renovations

Home renovations are a great way of adding more of what a homeowner likes about their living space or incorporating new modern features to update the style. Whenever there are more reasons to stay in the same house than there are to move, renovating or refurbishing an existing living space is a cost-effective way to update and add value to the property. Choosing Brooks Construction as the home builders to renovate any home is the most practical choice of all!

A good renovation does more than add space to an existing floor plan. It requires careful and strategic planning to make sure the job does what the homeowner has set out to accomplish. It’s like adding new pieces to the puzzle to get a bigger picture that still fits together!

Sometimes change can be a good thing. When it comes to changing the features of a home, it can mean a more modern appearance, more efficient use of space, better energy use, or an increase in privacy. We know the details that should be included in every renovation and those that would only add an unnecessary expense.

When change becomes a necessity, we help clients achieve the custom changes they want with as little disruption to their lives as possible. We will work in the most economical way without compromising the quality of materials, design, or workmanship. Brooks Construction is the right choice in home builders for anyone in Perth who wants quality renovations that fit the home and the owner!

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Address: Unit 1/9 Endeavour Way Wangara 6065
Telephone: (08) 6241 1500
FAX: (08) 6241 1555
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