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Archival Designs- Custom Home Design

Our History

Founded in 1983, Archival Designs has been designing signature homes for 30 years. Archival Designs’ homes combine the enduring elegance of the grand homes of Europe with the modern conveniences, amenities and openness preferred for today’s lifestyles. This artful combination of classic design, luxury and function is the hallmark of Archival Designs and the legacy of David Loftus, the founder and driving talent behind our more than 400 distinctive home plans.

Build Your Dream Home

You deserve amazing service, and unmatched homes that will make your family happy. When you choose Archival Designs, you will benefit from our 30 years of experience in home plan design and modifications. Between purchase and modifications, we offer you the best value for your money. We deliver the highest quality of design due to our superb reputation.

Archival Designs makes it easy, effortless, and fun to customize your family’s new home plan. You will trust our experienced house plan specialists from start to finish. We’re excited about the opportunity to serve you!

Build A Beautiful Custom Home Without All the Architectural Fees

Archival Designs, Inc. offers a large portfolio of house designs, luxury home plans and blueprint packages for clients who want to build their own homes, but don’t want to pay large architectural and engineering fees. We offer a wide range of house designs, and house plans from modest homes to starter castles. Our plans provide all the elegance and design details of a custom house design at fraction of the cost.

Archival Designs’ library of award-winning house designs are used by architects, builders, construction professionals, plan publishers and individual homeowners throughout the United States and in countries throughout the world.

Our firm is best known for luxury estate and castle house plans as large as 21,000 square feet. Our expansive portfolio of house plans also features one-of-a-kind ranch and two-story designs, cottage, mediterranean and classical house designs starting from 1,400 square feet

Archival Designs Awards and Recognition

In 1994’s highly competitive building market, JoAnne Loftus was recognized as “Builder of the Year” by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. JoAnne has also accumulated numerous other national and regional awards for her distinctive, practical yet stylish home designs. Over the course of his brief, but prolific career, David Loftus — and Archival Designs — garnered numerous national awards, many for luxury home designs.

Building Codes

Our plans are designed to specifications published by the International Residential Code (IRC) and will meet or exceed the national building standards. Due to building codes and requirements changing and varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, Archival Designs, Inc. cannot warrant compliance with any specific code or regulation. Modifications may be necessary to meet regional building codes for flood plains, snow loading, hurricane, and earthquake. Additionally, some states may require an architect or engineer seal.

Due to differences in state, county, and municipality requirements for local codes, building regulations, and zoning requirements we strongly recommend you consult your local licensed builder, architect, or engineer to review the plans before construction begins. Archival Designs, Inc. is not responsible for the advice or assistance received by builder, architect, or engineer. The owner and contractor assume full responsibility to meet all local building codes.

Plan Modifications

Between purchase and modifications, Archival Designs offers you the best value for your money. We deliver the highest quality of design with over 30 years of experience in design and modifications. Whether you’re interested in simple changes or a complex redesign, our team is more than happy to customize your plan – after all, it’s your dream.

How to Modify Your House Plan

1- Explore our home plan collection and choose the home that best fits your needs. Determine what changes you would like to make to the plan..

2- Submit your modification request in one of the following ways:

  • Go to the page of the home plan you’ve chosen. Click the “Modify this Plan” button located in the Purchase this Plan section. You will be redirected to a form where you can submit the changes you would like. If your changes are detailed, we recommend sketching on the floor plan and attaching it to your request
  • Call 770-831-6363 to speak with one our home plan specialists about your modifications. If your changes are detailed, we recommend sketching on a floor plan and emailing it directly to the representative after your initial consultation.

3- Upon receiving your request, our team will review your changes and provide a free quote within 24 hours. We welcome all questions at this time, and will discuss your project with you to make sure your ideas have been understood by our team.

4- When you decide to move forward, our home plan specialist will ask you to e-sign and return the modification agreement. This agreement will summarize your changes, the cost, and what you will receive upon completion of the design. At this time, we will process full payment of the plan sale (PDF or AutoCAD only) and a 50% deposit of the modification fee.

5- Preliminary drawings will be emailed to you for approval.

6- Upon approval of the drawings, your finalized construction documents will be emailed to you. We will process the final 50% balance of the modification fee at the time of release. That’s it!

Become A Preferred Builder Today

The Preferred Builder Program offers you a wide selection of outstanding products and services to help you build and market your Archival Designs, Inc. house plans.

With your FREE membership to our Builder Program, you will take advantage of all of these benefits:

  • 10% off your first house plan orders, plus 15% off all future orders for life!
  • FREE shipping — Registered Program builders will receive free ground shipping
  • FREE advertising on our website — Advertising is an essential element for builders. Archival Designs, Inc. offers builders the opportunity to reach local clients!
  • Buy 4 plans, Get the 5th one FREE! (up to $1,000.00 value)

Custom Home Design Services

We are committed to your satisfaction!

We make it easy, effortless and fun to custom design the best home for your and your family. Whether you are in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa or Dubai, we work hard to please all of our clients.

You may choose to work with us in person, or online No matter the distance, you will receive the same timely, knowledgeable and responsive service. Our clients and builders from around the world have come to expect the highest quality of design due to our superb reputation.

Our Process

Step One – Conceptual Phase

This is the most important phase in the design of your new home! We listen to your and learn about your dreams, needs, wants, and budget. We take all of this information into consideration when we design your conceptual drawings. These sketched hand drawings are complete with front, rear and side elevations, as well as first and second floor plans.

Step Two – Preliminary Phase

This phase begins after you are delighted with all of the conceptual designs. Our team of Registered Architects, Designers and Draftsmen will create computer computer drafted drawings. Your home comes to life and takes on a personality. These scaled computer drafted drawings are designed so you can picture yourself living in a space that makes you feel warm and welcomed.

Step Three – Final Construction Drawings

During the final design phase, our professional team will perfect the developed drawings. We deliver construction documents you and your builder can trust!


We can determine a price schedule for your new home after a brief conversation with our custom design manager. Archival Designs, Inc. breaks down the three phases into separate costs. You pay up-front for each phase and receive all completed work before moving forward to the next phase. This gives you complete control of your project!

Our Goal

The goal of Archival Designs is continued customer satisfaction and appreciation after the design is complete.

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Archival Designs, Inc.
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Blaser Construction- Luxury Home Design

About Blaser Construction Inc

Scott Blaser is the president and lead general contractor of Blaser Construction Inc. Scott has been building luxury projects and custom homes in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Scott is well respected in the local building community and construction industry. Scott founded Blaser Construction Inc. many years ago and has since brought to life some of the most breath taking and quality custom properties the area has to offer.

Scott’s incredible experience and expertise earned him an unlimited residential cost contractor’s license with the state of Nevada, a license few builders in the area hold. This means Scott is licensed to build any residential property regardless of the price of the project. While most builders are capped out on the size (as in price), by the state of Nevada, on the home they are permitted to build, Scott’s license carries no such price restrictions.

Unlike some builders in the Las Vegas area, Scott takes a very hands on approach to each home or property. Hiring him means you have a builder you can count on to be at the site of your home through every step of the process, ensuring deadlines and budgets are kept and the highest standards of quality are met. Scott enjoys working with clients who are also hands on in their home building process. He is a great asset in helping home owners through each step of the home building process from conception, design, and through all phases of construction.

Scott is an active participant in the Las Vegas community. He has taken on several leadership roles in his local church and has dedicated numerous hours volunteering in different capacities. Scott enjoys spending time with his family including an ever increasing number of grandchildren.

To learn more about Scott and to meet with your future home builder, call or email us for an appointment.


Blaser Construction provides unmatched building services in Las Vegas. We provide all inclusive residential and small commercial services. Whether you are tying to design your dream home or are ready to break ground, we can jump into the process and bring to life the property you dreamed of living or working in. We provide residential and small commercial building services, remodeling and repair services, and more. For more information, see each one of our service areas listed below.

Custom Home Building

Blaser Construction specializes in building custom homes in the Las Vegas area. Our builder and subcontractors spend time getting to know you and your family so they can provide you with a dream home that bests represents you. Our main contractor, Scott Blaser understands the importance of building your dream home and wants to make your experience exceptional. He takes pride in providing every homeowner with the finest choices regarding every aspect of the home. Building various custom homes for his family and closest friends has made him realize how critical every choice is. He wants to be there every step of the way. Like everyone knows, there is a huge thought process while trying to build your home and he wants to be there for you! Making your dream home a reality is something he thrives on doing.

Blaser Construction has had many years of experience in building custom homes in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We have built some of the finest homes in areas like Summerlin, Centennial, The Ridges, Henderson, Anthem, Queens Ridge etc. With our builder’s expertise and unlimited residential cost contractor’s license there is no project too extreme or expensive for us to take on. We want you to know that you have a one of a kind home that is specifically designed and outlined to fit you and your family. No matter the complexity of design of the house you want we are confident in our ability to provide you with everything you have ever hoped or dreamed for. There is nothing we want more than to see you and your family happy in your dream home. We hope that when the time comes for you to build your custom dream home you will consider Blaser Construction taking on the job. We are confident we can contribute to making your dream come true.

Commercial Projects

We build luxury small office buildings designed to impress. Whether it is a doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, retail building, or other small office setting, we can give your business the atmosphere it needs to enhance your image.

Remodeling & Repair

Over the past couple years we have developed a huge cliental for remodeling. Some of our clients have lived in their home for over twenty-five years and want a change in scenery while others have bought a home in hopes to fix it up and make it more their style. Both of these situations are very common and we are more than happy to help. We love the process of turning something plain or boring into something beautiful that you will love.

We also know first handed what it is like to have a home project turn into a complete mess. Whether you have tried to paint your bathroom fixtures or your kitchen cabinets we know that we can help you remodel your home exactly the way you want to. We have helped clients add more rooms and space to their homes, redo all their bathrooms, and even add on another garage for all of their recreation toys. We can make your space more valuable or do simple upgrades. We work with the best subcontractors that get the job done effectively and efficiently. Remodeling your home is just as significant as building a custom home and Blaser Construction knows that and will help you achieve everything you have wanted in a custom home.

Our main contractor, Scott Blaser has a hands on approach when it comes to being a General Contractor. He makes it a great value of his to be there throughout your whole remodeling process. He also has excellent skills in repairing homes. He takes great pride in building his homes and he knows how important it is to have a good relationship with your contractor. For this reason, he is always there for his clients when their homes need remodeling or repairing. He has the knowledge to fix anything and the resources to get it done right. So if you are needing some repairs done on your home or some new upgrades we hope you will consider Blaser Construction for the job.

Luxury Design and Planning

Designing and Planning your dream home is one of the most important decisions in the home building process. Many individuals know exactly what they want when they decide to build a home while others need more help. Since Blaser Construction has been in Las Vegas for over twenty years we have the experience and expertise to make your decision process run smoothly. We know and have worked with the best architects in Las Vegas and have a well respected relationship with each of them. If you have an architect already in mind, we are confident we can get along with them and become the best team by putting our abilities, skills and ideas together.

There are many steps while trying to design and plan your dream home. First you must consider what style of home you want. The popular styles in the market today are: French Country, Tuscany, Modern, Contemporary, Colonial, Desert etc. You also have to decide the square footage of your home and how many bedrooms and bathrooms you would like. Another important factor is the layout of your home. Some people like the master suite away from the other rooms while other people want all the rooms together on the main floor. The possiblities and choices when building and designing a house can be overwhelming. However with our help and the help of your architect we know you will love the outcome. The process can also be really fun and in a way artistic. Many of our clients have had an idea of what they want their dream home to be like for years. They have planned out every room and every space in their head and it is our privilege to make their ideas and visions a reality. We are truly passionate about the process of building, planning, and designing a home and we hope you will allow us to be apart of this exciting time in your life.

Contact Us

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Innovation – luxury Homes Builder

Austin & Central Texas Builder Information

Here at Innovation Luxury Homes we believe that the most significant factor in building a new home and building customer happiness is creating a pleasant and unforgettable home buying experience. We are here to make your purchase as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Today many of our lives are past the point of being busy, at times hectic may be a better description. At Innovation Luxury Homes, we recognize this and have designed our home-building business around this very common circumstance. To do this, we had to begin with the ending in mind. The point where most builders’ service ends ours really begins.   We are able to make this possible by using “The Innovation Advantage”.

Other Services or Support Available in Addition to Building Luxury Homes:

  • Site Selection
  • Design or Site Layout Assistance
  • Construction Feasibility
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Best Practices
  • Quality Checks on New Construction – prior to walk-through(s)
  • Construction Management
  • Building Code Supervision and Compliance
  • Quality Assurance

Builder’s Story

Innovation Luxury Homes the concept really began back when Kevin’s father, a small business owner of a Central Texas framing company called Merritt Brother’s Construction, would take him out to their job-sites each summer when he was a young boy. While learning the trade, he admired the hard work and the dedication of all of the contractors and individuals who day in and day out poured their hearts and souls into what would in the end become a neighborhood full of families and children who would call that place home. He recalls seeing his father working with the owners of the home-building companies that would visit the sites from time to time and remembers thinking “That has to be the perfect job – that is what I want to do”.

While Innovation Luxury Homes would not exist for many years to come, it was then, during those early summer days and years that the “Concept” of the company at least in spirit was born. The years passed by and after obtaining his Business – Finance degree from Texas State University (then called Southwest Texas State University) he moved to Austin. After spending a brief time in the financial services industry as a stock broker and advisor, in the year 2000 he was able to formally enter back into the world of residential home-building.

Also in the year 2000 he married his beautiful wife Kelly and since then have had two wonderful children named Tyler and McCailey.  After a decade of managing the local construction operations of both regional and national builders, building and or overseeing thousands of homes, Kevin decided it was time to turn his long time “Concept” and dream of his perfect job into a “Reality” by creating Innovation Luxury Homes. With the same spirit of the workers he saw as a young boy, he too now pours his heart and soul into building the places that people call home.

In 2010 Kevin earned his Graduate – Master Builder designation from the National Association of Home Builders. Innovation Luxury Homes is a member of the local, state and National Association of Home Builders, where continuing education and professional development are the keys to success. Also a licensed Realtor in the State of Texas, Kevin can assist in helping clients out in the researching of potential home sites available or do a competitive analysis for a specific area.


You are finally ready to build your dream home in Central Texas? Well, you have come to the right place. Your new home should be as distinctive as you are, customized with features and amenities you want in a location you select. This is where we come in. Together we will Discover, Design, and Build a home as unique as your vision. When you choose Innovation Luxury Homes we minimize the stress of building a home by guiding our clients through the process every step of the way!

I. Discover – We want to get to know You! We want to know your thoughts, your ideas, your wants and your needs…and how Innovation Luxury Homes fits on a personal and professional level with you and your family. In our first “My Style Meeting” we will establish a clear direction and outline key parameters to insure a smooth and enjoyable experience along with that perfect home.

II. Design – The possibilities here are endless! You can begin with one of our design professionals for a “blank canvas” experience or choose from any existing design that meets your lifestyle needs. Either way, you are sure to create a home that is uniquely your own. It is during this phase where your dream begins to take shape through the “construction drawings” and your distinctive selections.

III. Build – Experience the emotion as Your thoughts and ideas take shape from words and drawings to become the birthplace of what will surely be where some of life’s most cherished memories are formed. Innovation Luxury Homes goes to great lengths to insure that quality of workmanship is paramount in each detail,in every home we build.

IV. Enjoy – You’ve earned this! The time has come and your home is now complete – just as you had originally envisioned it. It is now time to enjoy your new home. Additionally you can have peace of mind knowing that the “Innovation Advantage” is at work for you – covering your home for a full two years after the closing.

Contact Us

Tel : (512) 534-1443

E-mail : [email protected]