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Moretti-Interior Design In London

About Us

We are a West London Interior Design studio. We believe that interior and architecture should work naturally around the client and not vice versa.

We recognize that each project is an individual expression of our clients unique personality. Understanding your values and artistic preferences it is essential for us to create personalised interior designs that are comfortable, eco-friendly and reflect our modern lifestyles – the key to a better way of living in the future.

For Cinzia design is art, psychology and biology together. This is why she has started Bio-Design, taking inspiration from Biomimicry. Our holistic approach of Design begins when we delve deep into the heart and soul of our clients to learn as much as we can about their personality, values and beliefs, which we can then express visually and creatively.

We use design, lighting, sound and nature to create a place that works for you and your family, somewhere you can be at home and appreciate with all your five senses.

We believe the result is a happier and healthier place to live. A place where you do more than simply exist, where you can create and savour lasting memories.

If you would like us to work with you to create a special home for you and your family, get in touch with us at Bio-Design today.


We offer uniquely personalised interior design services for each of our clients, creating a functional and attractive environment that is beneficial to your quality of life. From help with interiors on a new home purchases, construction or home remodelling to home staging to help sell your home our design consultation services are packaged according to your needs, with a selection of options to fit your schedule and budget.

We work with homeowners, landlords, property developers and property management companies across London, the UK and abroad. We have a network of skilled suppliers including fine artisan artists, such as muralists and custom furniture makers, to create customised art works and furnishings for our clients. We also source high quality, eco-friendly materials from a range of trusted resources and suppliers from across the globe.

Design Psychology

We use colour and environmental psycology to produce certain emotional responses inside your home.

Highest Standards

We only use our trusted and of high standards suppliers.

Professional Team

We are a small team coming from different backgrounds and bringing on the table different high-level skills.

Creative Solutions

Every project has got its challenges and our skills will help you to find the best creative bespoke solution.

Nature Elements

As a human being we need the connection with nature, when we can, we try to include natural elements in our designs.

Listen to the Clients

One of the most important thing for us is to listen carefully the requirements of our clients. We design for you and not for us!


Time is always a constraint, thus we help our clients to have the project delivered on time.


Budget is often a taboo but it is actually one of the main issues in a project. We help our clients to define and stay on budget


Transform your home with the right light

We at Moretti Interior Design know very well that lighting is an important feature in the creation of atmosphere and largely relates to the placement of furniture. The best designs come out from the right balance of good interior and good lighting. For this reason we have included in our Company the lighting design consultancy service, to be sure that from the very beginning of the design process, the lighting designer and the interior designer work as a team so that the lighting will match with the material, fabrics and textures chosen and vice-versa. Having the interior and lighting in-house will also help the Client to save time and money in the project.

Client can either choose to have the interior design and lighting design in one package or just the lighting design service.

Lighting Design Process

We approach every project in the same creative and collaborative working manner of the interior design process. We develop the lighting design examining and testing for the correct lighting solution, product, effect and detail. Throughout the design process, we continually look to ensure that our schemes are easily installed, maintained and affordable.

We communicate closely with our clients and with all the other members of the project to ensure that the right design is achieved. We deliver all the technical information necessary to M&E teams, ensuring that the scheme’s electrical and operational requirements are cohesively designed.

The lighting design process we adopt is typically based on the recommended architectural RIBA design stages:

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