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SKR Homes- Custom Home

About SKR

SKR Homes founder Rami Katzav has been around homes and building sites from a very early age. The son of a highly respected builder who created luxury homes in the family’s native Israel, he learned at an early age that creating a truly first-class home goes beyond luxury finishes, important as those are. It’s equally about attention to technical detail, and using care to choose only the best quality materials—and above all, taking the time to make sure that each and every step of the complicated process of creating a custom luxury home is carefully and expertly managed.

Since SKR’s founding 25 years ago, each new custom home we build is as personal for us as it is for our clients. We only build a few homes at a time, in order to assure the highest level of attention to detail. In fact, our goal is to ensure that you are always fully informed and as comfortable as possible, every step of the way, as the testimonials from a few of our many satisfied clients will demonstrate. In this way, SKR offers more than Toronto’s finest luxury custom homes—we offer peace of mind.

Luxury Home Architect

There is a famous quote that says a man travels all over the world in search of what he needs only to find it at home. Simply put, there is no place like home. A home is the culmination of years of dreams and hopes, sacrifices and efforts to finally have a place you can raise your family and call home.

Any person who gets a chance to build a home should consider themselves lucky because they participate in the creation of something great. The process begins when you contact a home builder of repute, one you can trust to work on your lifetime dreams. It is not easy to settle on one, but when you do, the builder has to be exceptional to be worthy of your trust. But before the builder has an opportunity to lay the foundation, you have to work with a dreamer in the form of a luxury home architect.

SKR are the leading luxury home builders in Toronto and its environs. With a rich experience spanning a quarter of a century, outstanding luxury homes proudly dotting Toronto’s residential areas, working with SKR will open the door to inspiring possibilities. Having worked with many top international luxury home architects, SKR homes are best placed to recommend an architect that will work on your dream house. One of the most important factors in the selection of a luxury home architect is the ability of the architect to identify with your dream.

This is important because a good architect understands that no matter how much success they may have had in the past, the excellence has to be matched in every project. To achieve this requires the architect to forget what they know and focus on what the client wants created. Only then can the creativity take over to improve on the dreams of the client and give their dreams a practical and dimensional form.

Having good technical skills is only a part of the package. You should be grateful when you get a luxury home architect who understands the business side of the building. For a builder to be able to produce the perfect home, the architect must produce a sound and practical plan that meets all building requirements. An impractical flaw in the design that may force the builder to make an alteration is not only costly but may also lead to unnecessary delays in the completion of the project.

Fortunately, SKR homes have been in the building business for long and are bound to identify when the creativity of the architect goes overboard. It is therefore important to find a luxury home architect who not only has a great rapport with you, but also with the builder. The project implementation works flawlessly if the builder has the necessary information on the type of materials to use.

This allows an experienced builder like SKR homes enough time to source for the specialist materials that may have to be transported from far or even sourced overseas. If you are fortunate enough to have a team of a brilliant builder working closely with an exceptional luxury home architect, your home dreams will be well and truly alive.

Custom Builder

Going through life has many joys and challenges. It presents us with many possibilities and options to choose from. One of the biggest achievements is building a dream home. For many people it remains just that, a dream. For the people who are able to live their dream, the satisfaction of the accomplishment gives them special joy. If you plan to construct your ideal house, working with an experienced custom builder is the first step in living your dream. It is important to entrust the building of your precious house to people who will deliver the exact specifications required.

SKR homes have been in the business of building custom homes for clients with a diverse range of needs and styles. The company has specialized in luxury homes ranging from modern, classic or professional. The company takes pride in first understanding the exact needs of the client before commencing on a project. A client is provided with an expert quote that caters for the entire project, eliminating hidden costs. With a rich experience spanning 25 years, it has built the dreams of many satisfied clients. The company further understands that a home is not just the physical structure but the little things within it that give it character and satisfy the residents. This is the reason it has chosen to specialize as a custom builder.

Working with the most innovative designers and builders, the company specializes in bringing to life the desires of the client. It is able to deliver on modern eco-friendly designs or elegant classical designs. It does this by using only the best materials which are sourced from all over the world. Dream luxury homes require the best finishing and the company ensures the clients get the best. To ensure attention to detail and a personal touch, the company only takes up a few projects at a time. This strategy ensures that the selected homes receive close supervision from senior builders throughout the construction. The project manager is always in touch with the client to appraise them on the progress as well as take any input regarding special requests.

The Toronto luxury market home will never be the same thanks to the presence of the leading custom builder, SKR homes.

Custom build home Toronto

When a great team of a leading architect, innovative designer and a demanding home owner meet, the result is a fantastic display of the finest modern architecture. With many custom homes Toronto, new home owners are now looking for that extra edge to set their house apart. There is one outstanding house on Thornbank Road that is the creation of top designer Jeffrey Douglas and leading architect Stan Makow that has always attracted a lot of attention. The 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom house inspired by Frank Llyod Wright is an example of modern architecture translating into highly inviting, liveable spaces.

Working with SKR homes, the well known Custom build home Toronto, the team put in their best effort. The owners of the house are well travelled and happen to be fans of modern architecture and contemporary designs from all over the world. They wanted a house with clean lines yet warm that did not feel like they were living in an art gallery. According to a co-listing agent Daniel Pustil, the staircase is one of the most appealing features of the house. ‘’It is one of the most elaborately conceived elements in the house, rising in a smooth coil from the lower level’’.

Two listing agents describe the family room as their favorite. Darren Slavens of Slavens and Associates real estate describes it as ‘’a cutaway border runs around the outer wall around the windows, about a foot or two below the ceiling. This visually brings the ceiling down to a more humane level without compromising its expansive feeling’’. He further describes the hearth which is classic wright has rough stone cladding that continues through the wall from inside to outside as exceptional. There is a water feature at the foyer that has a narrow stainless steel frame with glass and pebbles at the bottom to greet visitors on arrival.

Custom houses Toronto do not come any better than this with many luxury features that include a home theatre, a wine cellar, dog shower, exercise room, a music system and a secret room. Other special features include a fully treed lot with a salt-water pool and spa as well as a basketball court. Built in 2005, this house sitting on a landscaped 100×300 foot property house has hosted some of the most famous parties. It has also been featured in numerous commercials and continues to be a favorite location for movie shoots and the police drama series Flashpoint.

A visitor to the house is pleasantly surprised by view through the large windows across the back of the house. It looks like the team that does the best custom houses Toronto totally delivered on this project. Designer Jeffrey Douglas and architect Stan Makow ended up creating a masterpiece that defines contemporary designs in Toronto.

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Diamond Custom Homes – Luxury Homes Builders

About Us

The Diamond Custom Homes brand was introduced in 2010. Yet our history here goes back more than 25 years, crafting homes for the best-known communities on the West Coast, from Marco Island to Sarasota. Michael Diamond, our founder, maintains enduring relationships with top architects, designers and subcontractors. Jeffrey Benham is a long-time colleague from the homebuilding industry as former CFO.

Diamond Custom Homes, continues to complete luxury residences and remodels in the Southwest Florida market, while continuing to increase the size of our team and broaden our geographic footprint. In brief, we’re ready to build with you.

Team works

Building together is what we do. It takes willing collaboration, mutual understanding, professional skill, profound experience and complete dedication to achieve the optimal results for our clients. All of us share a common belief in open, candid communication with the people we build for and with each other. That transparency has a tangible benefit to every project and every relationship we’ve established.

building your new custom home Sarasota & Naples, FL

Seeing your new home rise from a plot of bare earth to a foundation, then framing and drywall and all the steps to a complete, magnificent home should be exciting and joyful. It takes a great deal of expertise not only with all the disciplines involved, but also with local codes, environmental sensitivities and respect for your future neighbors and community. Our relationships with key people throughout southwest Florida help us meet all the challenges and resolve them efficiently

Philosophy | Family friends

As a company of professionals who’ve devoted over 25 years to building goodwill and friendship into every residence we create, Diamond Custom Homes’ #1 priority is simple: deliver a magnificent home of exceptional quality.

By maintaining open lines of communication through every step of our process, we ensure clients receive unmatched customer service.

It’s all part of our singular (and proven) philosophy of treating everyone like a friend of the family.

Process | We listen

Tell us your goals and objectives, as well as your vision for each room and living space. Then let us share what we know about architectural styles, materials and attributes that will express your individuality and your preferences.

We’ll candidly discuss two highly crucial factors—timing and budget. We stay within those parameters and never compromise on excellence. We only use the highest quality materials and building products as well as the best craftsmen and subcontractors.

Be assured of complete integrity on every decision and absolutely every detail. As a friend of the family, the experience should be joyful and exciting for you. After all, when our job is done, your dream comes true.

Green building | Building responsibly

Southwest Florida presents unique challenges to creating luxury residences that are both energy efficient, but also resilient to our climate. Heat, sunlight, rain, humidity, mold, high winds and storms all impact our residences. Green construction involves much more than simply building energy efficiencies into your home. It also involves advances like breathable wall systems and insulation methods; extended overhangs and covered outdoor areas that help cool the home; low-e glass; and, of course, systems and methods designed to lower water and energy consumption.

We continue to research and remain up to date on green building materials and technologies. We would be happy to explore the many available choices with you so you can make informed decisions for your luxury custom home.

Build locations | Home sites

You’ll find the homes we’ve built inside the Naples area’s most desirable gated communities and on private lots in prestigious neighborhoods. Beyond those locations are ideal sites from Marco Island up to Sarasota. If you’re shopping for a site, we’d be happy to help choose the best one. If you already have a lot, let’s talk about the most advantageous footprint for your home.

Renovations | Transforming spaces

Over time as your life changes, your floor plan may not work as well as it originally did. Rather than move or rebuild, an expert remodeling will transform the flow, look and feel of your entire residence. We take the same candid collaborative approach to renovations as we do with custom construction. You can see the results of that here.

Custom cabinetry | Valued vendor

Meet Marcus Jelley, president of Edge Cabinet & Space Creators, our exclusive custom cabinetry partner. Under Marcus’ expert management, Edge creates exquisite interior storage elements for kitchens and bathrooms, using the finest artisans, choice materials and the latest design advances.

Estate management | beyond building

Many of our clients spend months away from the luxury residence they enjoy in Florida. Diamond Custom Homes now offers estate management services to monitor the condition of your home, oversee any necessary remodeling and renovations and direct maintenance and upkeep for as long as requested.

Home watch

On a weekly basis, we will stop by and inspect your home to ensure the integrity of both the exterior and interior, taking note of any element that may need attention.

Home maintenance & repair

Diamond Custom Homes will engage trusted partners in skilled trade services, as well as property upkeep service providers—eliminating the need for you to screen and hire contractors yourself. Let us take on the responsibility of identifying the best professionals for:

  • landscaping
  • pool management
  • preventative maintenance
  • utility & appliance service
  • seasonal preparations
  • additional services by request

Home project

Diamond Custom Homes will take both large and small-scale projects to completion. This service is included with our Estate Management program.

Contact Us

6646 Willow Park Drive, Suite 5
Naples, Florida 34109



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Botero – Luxury Homes Builders

About Us

We have been building homes of excellence for nearly 20 years in the DC Metropolitan Washington Area, with particular emphasis on luxury development projects in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland. More recently, we have focused our work in Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Fairfax Station, Clifton, and Alexandria.

The Company is particularly dedicated to a high standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail while ensuring an outstanding level of customer satisfaction. True to its mandate, Botero Homes has designed, built, and sold a number of homes that reflect every aspect of comfort, luxury, and attention to detail.

Why Choose Botero?

Lowest Cost:

After the crisis, most prices of construction materials and services have gone down by 50% on average, except those related to oil. All these discounts are transferred by Botero to the client. You will be assured that you get the REAL cost + the management fee. In marble and ceramic we get a 70% savings. In foundations and framing 30%, and in plumbing and electrical fixtures 50%. All of these savings are passed to the client. No Exceptions! And we don’t play games!! For the first time since the 2008 crisis, we started 2013 with a price increase. We will monitor this trend carefully when preparing the budgets for our clients. We expect that the cost of materials will take about five years to be back at the high 2008 level.

Lowest Engagement Fee:

When you sign the contract with Botero, we only charge $5,000 for houses between 5,000 sqft and 10,000 sqft and $15,000 for houses above 10,000 sqft.

Total Transparency:

The money received from the client and the bank is managed in a completely independent bank account where the homeowners have access online and can monitor all transactions 24/7. Every month a report is delivered to the client with details of all expenditures for each item of the budget, showing the progress of the construction and the balances for every chapter. Accounting is open to the clients at any time and the invoices charged to Botero are the same used for the client accounting. The client may talk openly with every vendor about the prices charged or may suggest to Botero a particular vendor that will offer an even better price or promotion. The objective is to build the home at the lowest possible cost.

We developed a program by which the homeowners receive a daily report of activities taking place in the contruction of their home and a monthly accounting report with a budget control presentation. This, plus the bank’s online connection, will facilitate the process of monitoring by the client, making it more transparent than ever!

Assistance with the purchase of the lot:

Botero Homes has an associate who is a licensed realtor. We offer the client the service of finding, selecting and buying the lot.

Best Attitude:

A “Yes, we are glad to do it” attitude prevails everywhere in the Botero Homes Team. Each one gives the best of themselves, including overtime and holidays, to keep the client happy. The working environment in the Botero organization is pleasant and of constant activity about satisfying client needs.

Best References:

(a) Five-time First Prize winner of the “Monument Award” as “Best of the Best” in Luxury Homes. (b) Four-time winner of the distinction by the U.S Commerce Association as “Best of Vienna” and now in 2013, “Best of Reston”. (c) Selected as Member of the “BUILD- PAC” for extraordinary dedication to the Home Building industry by the National Association of Home Builders. (d) Two “Best Feature” GALA awards. (e) Written testimonials from our homeowners.


The process of building the “client’s dream” has to be pleasant and happy. It is almost like a marriage between Builder and Client for more than one year. Botero’s mission is that at the end of the stressful process, we have a “friend for life”. If Mr. Botero finds at the initial process of plan design and budget preparation that there is no “empathy” between Builder and Client, he will respectfully decline to participate. We at Botero need to be happy and to take pleasure out of building your Home.

Custom Home:

Every home is unique. Although the client may want us to follow the basic elements of a previous home or may request us to buy ready-plans, we devote hours to the process of customizing and adjusting the plans to the County Code. Mr. Botero himself, with a team of professionals in the architectural, construction and financial fields, works very closely with every step of the process of designing and drafting your home. The same team will be there in the field, supervising the construction process.

Individual Budget:

A budget is custom prepared for each home, side by side with the owner, to achieve the lowest possible cost and prevents you from having “surprises” later on.

Good News!

The joint effort to achieve the lowest cost pays. Every time, with no exceptions, when we finish a home, the client finds that the value of the home in the market exceeds by $200,000 to $700,000 the cost spent in construction. This means you get “Instant Equity” because of simple market law: You got the house at real wholesale cost but you will sell it at retail. Presently, at times of market crisis, this is probably the only add-on equity you will get for the next 4 years. We build at lower cost than the price of the millions of houses in distress in the present post-crisis market.

Design Services

Personalized Design Services

Nobody will charge you less than BOTERO for these services!

  • We will design your architectural layouts and budget for as low as $5,000.
  • We will process the Architectural and Engineering plans with the County and obtain the “Building Permit”.
  • You can buy plans on the internet, and we will customize them to your needs and local County codes.
  • As Botero Homes is a licensed Real Estate Agent, we help the customer to buy the land.

Turn-Key Construction

Some clients are too busy these days and would prefer not to participate in the daily process related to the construction phase. Botero Homes offers the following “Turn-Key Program”:

  • You approve the Architectural Plans, the Detailed Specs and the Budget.
  • Botero Homes builds the home for you.
  • You will be invited to typically 3 Review Meetings to review the progress.
  • Botero delivers the Key with the Certificate of Occupancy.


We employ the most advanced technology, custom-made to fit your budget:

  • Amazing home theaters with the latest technology
  • Kitchens a Master Chef would be proud of
  • Audio and Visual systems throughout the house
  • Smart lighting systems
  • Anything you want, we can make it happen!

Go Green

Botero Implements Processes to Protect the Environment

We use a sustainable design to build homes in balance with nature while saving you money.

What Does Going Green Mean?

It means improving the way homes and construction sites use energy, water and materials to reduce the impact on health and the environment.

It consists of 5 major principles:

green-check Energy Savings

green-check Water Efficiency

green-check CO2 Emissions Reduction

green-check Improved Indoor Environmental Quality

green-check Resource Management and Sensitivity to Their Impacts

“Going Green Is A State Of Mind. We Actively Look For Opportunities To Go Green.” – O. Botero

What Does Botero Do?

green-checkWe use energy efficient construction techniques and products.

green-checkWe use environmentally preferred materials, products and processes.

We select renewable energy options and ENERGY STAR appliances.

green-checkWe carefully use waste reduction and recycling during construction.

green-checkWe use sustainable land development practices.

green-checkWe design air-tight houses using energy efficient doors, windows, insulation and highly efficient HVAC systems.

green-checkWe choose toilets and bath fixtures that are water-stingy.

Home Building Process


1. Selecting and Buying the Lot.

2. If the lot requires a septic system and a well, there are some engineering
studies required and previous approvals from the Health Department.

3. Preliminary plans and Budget to submit to the Lending Bank.

4. Loan processing and approval.

5. Preparation of the entire package to obtain the approval and the permit by the County.  That package includes, among other things:

  • Complete architectural plans.
  • Structural plans of the home.
  • All engineering studies.
  • Several documents and deposits by the owner.


6. Permit by the Health Department

7. Permit by the County for Demolition and for Construction.

8. Permit by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

9. Bank closing on the loan.


10. Demolition of existing structure.

11. Tree clearing and lot preparation.

12. Applying and Paying for the utilities connections.

13. Excavations

14. Foundations

15. Framing

16. Roofing

17. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC

18. Insulation

19. Drywall

20. Priming for painting.

21. Trim and Interior carpentry

22. Doors and Windows

23. Flooring

24. Cabinets and Vanities

25. Hardware for doors and cabinets

26. Final plumbing

27. Final HVAC

28. Exterior Veneer (Stucco, Stone or Brick), gutters and exterior drainage.

29. Finishing septic, well, utilities and connection to home.

30. Base paving

31. Final grading for land.

32. Exterior hardscaping (patios, decks, exterior stairs).

33. Painting

34. Appliances

35. Detail cleaning

36. Landscaping and sprinkle system


37. Final Inspections

38. Processing the warranty

39. Occupancy permit.

Bank Loans

Botero Homes and MVB Mortgage Seal an Alliance

Many years ago we met Mark Ferguson, a recognized leader in construction lending in Northern Virginia. Now that he is Builder Division Vice President specializing in Mortgage Loans with MVB Mortage, Botero Homes sealed an alliance for the benefit of our clients. The experience of working together has been excellent. During this partnership, we have refined the procedures to make the process more efficient.

The Loan: Once Botero introduces the client to the company’s Vice President of Mortgage Loans, Mr. Mark Ferguson, he takes care of guiding the client during the entire loan approval process. While complying with all the new regulations imposed on banks after the 2008 crisis, he makes it as simple and expeditious as possible.

Terms: The bank finances about 80% of the total cost of the project including the land acquisition. It is a 12 to 18 month construction loan. At the end of construction, the bank transforms the initial construction loan into a “permanent loan” over 20 to 30 years based on the need of the client. As Botero’s preferred lender, MVB provides the most competitive financing solutions for our clients.

The Building Process: The bank prepares a “Draw Schedule” to disburse the loan in tranches as the builder finishes every phase of construction. The bank sends an inspector that carefully verifies the construction stage. Once approved, the bank releases the draw to a particular bank account opened by Botero and the client. The last draw is conditioned to the county issuing the occupancy permit.

Requirements by the Bank: In order to formally process the loan, the bank requires that Botero send the construction contract and the architectural plans accompanied by the receipt of the initial deposit made by the client, which is 25%-35% of the cost of the construction, at the discretion of Botero Homes. For large projects of more than $2,000,000, Botero may accept the deposit to be paid in two installments: (1) the first installment of 50% when the construction contract is signed, and (2) the second 50% at the time of closing of the loan. The second part of the deposit is sometimes financed by the bank.

Corporate Office:

11325 Random Hills Rd
Suite 100
Fairfax VA 22030
Mark Ferguson
Vice President
Office: (571) 266-6485
Cell: (301) 674-5851
[email protected]
Specializing in Portfolio Lending with Construction to Permanent Products. Call me today for a Private Consultation to CREATE a loan tailored to you and your choices!

Contact Us

Corporate Offices:
11150 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 309,Reston, Va, 20190 USA
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell: (703) 371-0202
Fax: (571) 313-8542